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All abstracts by Guillaume Siron in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Investigating the Complexity of Mantle Wedge Hydration Using Automated Thermodynamic Modeling of Fluid-Rock Interactions
Siron G & Vitale Brovarone A

(2023) Strategies for Oxygen Isotope Thermometry for High-Temperature Rocks in the Age of SIMS
Bonamici C, Roig CI, Siron G & Blum T

(2023) Tracking the Migration and Conversion of Metamorphic H2 and Reduced Carbonic Fluids in Orogenic Belts
Vitale Brovarone A, Boutier A, Olivieri OS, Ressico F, Giuntoli F, Siron G, Pastore Z & Peverelli V

(2023) PyDEW: A Python Interface for Calculations with the Deep Earth Water Model
Matthews S, Ghiorso MS, Sverjensky DA, Huang F & Siron G

(2022) The Refractory Precursor of Al-Rich Chondrules in Unequilibrated Ordinary Chondrites: CAI or non-CAi?
Zhang M, Fukuda K, Siron G & Kita NT

(2022) Tracking Deep Fluid Infiltration along Major Detachment Fault Using a Multi-Mineral in situ Oxygen Isotopes Approach, a Case Study from the Buckskin-Rawhide Complex
Bonamici C, Siron G & Roig CI

(2022) Capturing Low-δ18O Fluid Infiltration along a Detachment Fault: A Case Study from the Buckskin-Rawhide Metamorphic Core Complex
Siron G, Bonamici C & Roig CI

(2020) Younger Al-Mg Ages of Chondrules in CO Chondrites Than L/LL Chondrites
Kita N, Fukuda K, Siron G & Kimura M

(2017) Chlorine Content in Biotite as Tracer of Fluid-Rock Interaction during Contact Metamorphism
Siron G, Bodner R, Baumgartner L, Bouvier A-S & Putlitz B

(2017) Using Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry to Decipher Fluid-Rock Interaction
Baumgartner L, Bégué F, Siron G, Luisier C, Marger K & Bouvier A-S

(2017) Importance of Relative Water Fugacity Estimates in Metagranites and White Schists from SIMS Measurements of Water in Phengite
Luisier C, Baumgartner LP, Bouvier A-S, Siron G, Vaughan-Hammon J & Schmalholz SM

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