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All abstracts by Walter Geibert in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Using 224Ra/228Th Disequilibrium to Quantify Benthic Fluxes of Trace Metals into Pearl River Estuary: From Alkaline Earth Elements (Ba) to Redox Sensitive Metals (U, Mn, and Fe)
Hong Q, Cai P, Geibert W, Cao Z, Stimac I, Liu L & Li Q

(2017) Natural Variability of Geochemical Conditions, Biogeochemical Processes and Element Fluxes in Sediments of the Eastern CCZ, Pacific Ocean
Volz J, Mogollón J, Geibert W, Martínez Arbizu P, Koschinksy A & Kasten S

(2017) Constraining Sedimentation Rates with 231Pa/230Th Ratios of Marine Sediments
Geibert W, Volz J & Kasten S

(2017) 231Pa and 230Th in the Arctic Ocean 1991-2016: Changes in the Eurasian and Makarov Basins
Valk O, Gdaniec S, Rutgers van der Loeff M, Geibert W, Smethie W, Moran SB, Lepore K, Edwards RL, Lu Y & Rijkneberg M

(2015) Coupling between Nutrient Biogeochemical Cycles in the Ocean
Pichevin L, Ganeshram R, Geibert W & Squaratti F

(2015) The Distribution of 231Pa and 230Th between Dissolved and Particulate Phases in the Western North Atlantic
Kretschmer S, Rutgers van der Loeff MM, Masqué P & Geibert W

(2015) Radium Isotopes as a Tracer of Micronutrient Input from Shelf Seas to the North Atlantic
Annett A, Geibert W & Thomas A

(2014) Tight Coupling between Si and Fe Biogeochemical Cycles in the Ocean: Evidences from Diatom-Bound Proxies
Pichevin L, Ganeshram R, Geibert W, Thunell R & Hinton R

(2013) Comparison of 228Ra and Microstructure Derived Ocean Mixing Rates and Chemical Fluxes in the Cape Basin
Hsieh Y-T, Geibert W, Palmer MR, Woodward EMS & Henderson GM

(2013) The Role of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge for Chemical Fluxes in the Atlantic: Clues from Ra and Ac Isotopes
Geibert W, Hsieh Y-T & Henderson GM

(2012) New Water Column Profiles of Dissolved Thorium and Protactinium in the Western North-Atlantic
Kretschmer S, Masque P, Geibert W & Rutgers van der Loeff M

(2012) Using 228Ra to Assess Ocean Mixing and Nutrient Fluxes in the Cape Basin
Hsieh Y-T, Geibert W, Woodward EMS & Henderson GM

(2012) Uranium Series Rate Meters for Ocean Processes
Henderson G, Hsieh Y-T, Bourne M, Geibert W, Deng F & Thomas A

(2011) Diatom-Bound Trace Metals: A Tracer for Past Changes in Micronutrients Availability?
Pichevin L, Geibert W & Ganeshram R

(2011) Separating the Sources of 228Ra to the Open Ocean with 223, 224, 226, 228Ra Measurements in Loch Etive and the South-East Atlantic
Hsieh Y-T, Geibert W, van Beek P & Henderson G

(2011) Quantifying Fluxes of Metals to Surface Waters of the South-East Atlantic
Henderson GM, Achterberg E, Baker A, Chance R, Geibert W, Homoky W, Hwieh Y-T, Klunder M, Lohan M, Martin P, Mills R, Milne A, Palmer M, Sanders R, Thomas A, Wake B & Woodward M

(2011) 227Ac in the Atlantic Sector of the Southern Ocean: New Results from Bonus-Goodhope and UK GEOTRACES
Geibert W, Hsieh A, Hanfland C, Verdeny E, Masque P & Henderson G

(2009) A Map of Recent Terrigenous Fluxes to Southern Ocean Sediments: Application of 230Thxs-Normalized 232Th as a Dust Flux Tracer
Geibert W, Gersonde R, Kuhn G, Martinez-Garcia A, Masqué P, Rosell A, Rutgers van der Loeff M & Verdeny E

(2008) Distribution of 230Th, 10Be and 231Pa in Sediment Particle Classes
Kretschmer S, Geibert W, Schnabel C, Rutgers van der Loeff M & Mollenhauer G

(2004) Ocean Circulation and Bioproductivity in the Weddell Gyre: Geochemical Findings
Geibert W, Hanfland C, Usbeck R, Schwarz J, Webb A & Ansorge I

(2003) Actinium-227 as a Tracer for Diapycnal Mixing and Deep Upwelling
Geibert W, Usbeck R & Rutgers van der Loeff M

(2002) The Adsorption of Th and Pa on Different Particle Types in Dependence of the Provenance of Natural Seawater
Geibert W & Usbeck R

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