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All abstracts by Michael O. Garcia in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Can the Slightly Depleted Mantle be a High 3He/4He Reservoir?
Fujita R, Ishikawa A, Sumino H & Garcia MO

(2022) Halogens (F, Cl, Br, I) in Submarine Glasses from Around Hawai‘i
Kendrick MA, Garcia MO, Nebel O, Hanyu T & Williams I

(2022) Extensive Magmatic Heating of the Lithosphere beneath the Hawaiian Islands Inferred from Salt Lake Crater Mantle Xenoliths
Guest I, Ito G, Garcia MO & Hellebrand E

(2022) Mantle vs. Crust: Untangling Influences on Melt Stable O Isotopic Composition via Tandem Olivine-Glass δ18O Analyses at Kama'ehu Volcano, Hawai'i
Cunningham MJ, Pietruszka AJ, Garcia MO & Bindeman IN

(2022) Age and Petrology of Koko Rift Basalts: Hawai‘i's most Recent and Atypical Rejuvenation Stage Eruptive Sequence
Garcia MO, Swanson K, Lormand C, Jicha B & Norman M

(2022) Accumulated Puʻu ʻŌʻō Magma Fed the Voluminous 2018 Rift Eruption of Kīlauea Volcano: Evidence from Lava Chemistry
Pietruszka AJ, Garcia MO & Rhodes JM

(2022) Carbon Isotope Composition of Basalts from Kama‘ehuakanaloa (Loihi Seamount): Primordial vs. Recycled Carbon in the Hawaiian Mantle Plume
Graham DW, Michael PJ, Truong TB & Garcia MO

(2022) Geochemistry of Northwest Hawaiian Ridge Basalts: Insight in the Evolution of the Hawaiian Mantle Plume
Formenti S, Weis D, Garcia MO & Harrison LN

(2022) How Atypical is Kauaʻi’s Loa-Kea Geochemical Trend?
Williamson NMB, Weis D, Scoates JS & Garcia MO

(2022) Constraining Patterns of Northwest Hawaiian Ridge Volcanism Before, during and after the 25 Ma Major Pacific Plate Reorganization
Jicha B & Garcia MO

(2020) Hawaiʻi: A Melting pot for Learning How Volcanoes Work
Garcia M

(2020) Extensive Magmatic Heating of the Lithosphere beneath the Hawaiian Islands Inferred from Salt Lake Crater Mantle Xenoliths
Guest I, Ito G, Garcia MO & Hellebrand E

(2020) Ancient Origin of Hawaiian Xenoliths: Fragments of Mantle Plume?
Fujita R, Ishikawa A, Yokoyama T & Garcia M

(2016) A Finer Structure of the Hawaiian Mantle Plume
Weis D, Harrison L, Garcia MO & Rhodes JM

(2016) Hf-Nd-Sr Isotopes of Northwest Hawaiian Ridge Lavas
Harrison L, Weis D & Garcia M

(2016) Magma Reservoir Assembly at Kilauea Volcano: Insights from Chemical Zoning in Olivine
Lynn K, Garcia M, Shea T, Costa F & Swanson D

(2015) Petrology and Geochemical Evolution of Lavas from the Ongoing and Voluminous Puu Oo Eruption of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii
Garcia M, Pietruszka A, Marske J, Norman M, Rhodes JM & Greene A

(2014) The Northwestern Hawaiian Ridge: Geochemical Variations over 40 Myr
Harrison L, Weis D, Tree J & Garcia M

(2014) Olivine Evidence for the Source and Origin of Hawaiian Rejuvenated Volcanism
Garcia M

(2014) Parental Magma Variations at Kilauea Volcano: Reassessing the Role of Ni in Basaltic Systems
Lynn K & Garcia M

(2014) Lead Isotopic Evolution of Kīlauea Volcano, Hawaiʻi
Pietruszka A, Marske J, Heaton D, Burns D & Garcia M

(2013) Investigating the Link between Magmatic Volatiles and Mantle Source Lithology in the Hawaiian Plume: A View from Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions, Glasses, and Osmium Isotopes
Marske J, Hauri E, Garcia M & Pietruszka A

(2012) The Origin of Chemical Heterogeneity in the Hawaiian Mantle Plume
Pietruszka A, Norman M, Garcia M, Marske J & Burns D

(2012) What do Post-Shield and Rejuvenated Lavas Tell us About the Source of the Hawaiian Mantle Plume?
Weis D, Hanano D, Garcia M & Geist D

(2012) Li Isotopes of Hawaiian Lavas: Kea vs Loa Source Variation
Harrison L, Weis D, Garcia M, Barnes E & Hanano D

(2011) Short Magma Residence Times for Kilauea Volcano Based on High-Precision Pb Isotope Ratios
Heaton D, Pietruszka A, Garcia M & Marske J

(2011) Mantle Controls on the Geochemistry of Kīlauea Lavas Erupted over the Last Millennium
Burns D, Pietruszka A, Norman M, Marske J, Garcia M & Rhodes JM

(2011) Slow Mantle Upwelling on the Margin of the Hawaiian Plume Based on 230Th-238U Disequilibria at Loihi Seamount
Pietruszka A, Hauri E, Carlson R & Garcia M

(2011) ULVZ as Repository for the Enriched Component in the Hawaiian Source
Weis D, Garcia MO, Rhodes JM, Jellinek M & Scoates J

(2010) Submarine Tholeiitic Volcanism (ca. 3.6 to 4.9 Ma) West of Ka‘ena Ridge, Hawaiian Islands: Implications of Low Magma Productivity in the Evolution of the Hawaiian Plume
Greene A, Weis D, Garcia M, Kuga M, Ito G & Robinson J

(2010) Hawaiian Plume Source: Isotopic Constraints from Mauna Loa
Weis D, Rhodes JM, Garcia MO & Norman M

(2008) Geochemical, Geological and Geophysical Inferences for the Origin of the South Kauai Swell
Swinnard L, Garcia M, Weis D, Flinders A, Ito G, Appelgate B, Bianco T, Taylor B, Blay C & Yamasaki S

(2007) The Structure of the Hawaiian Plume Conduit from High-Precision Isotopic Studies of Mauna Loa Lavas
Weis D, Rhodes M & Garcia M

(2006) Oxygen Isotope Evidence for Chemical Interaction of Kilauea Magmas with Basement Rocks
Garcia M, Ito E & Eiler J

(2006) Compositions of Hawaiian Basalts Preclude Eclogite Mantle Plumes
Norman M, Rhodes M & Garcia M

(2005) The <+>226<$>Ra Chronology and Magma Residence Time of Young Lavas from Loihi Seamount, Hawaii
Pietruszka A, Hauri E, Carlson R & Garcia M

(2005) Assessing Kilauea Volcano's Historical Parental Magma Compositional Variations
Garcia M, Norman M & Pietruszka A

(2005) Isotopic Study of Mauna Loa‚s Submarine Southwest Rift Mile High Section: Hawaiian Mantle Plume Structure
Weis D, Rhodes JM, Garcia MO & Submarine Mauna Loa Science Team 

(2005) Upper Mantle Dynamics Expressed in Hotspot and Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalt Chemistry
Ito G, Bianco T, Mahoney J, Becker J & Garcia M

(2004) The Iron Oxidizing Bacterium Leptospirillum ferrooxidans as a Model for Biomarker Search on Mars
Parro V, Moreno-Paz M, Bastolla U, Briones C, García M & Fernández-Remolar D

(2004) Oxygen Isotope Composition of Olivine Phenocrysts from Koolau Scientific Drilling Project (KSDP)
Eiler J & Garcia M

(2002) K-Ar Age Determination on Honolulu Unit, Oahu, Hawaii
Ozawa A, Garcia M & Tagami T

(2001) U-Series Isotope Geochemistry of Young Lavas Collected from Loihi Seamount Using the Alvin and Shinkai 6500 Submersibles
Pietruszka AJ, Hauri EH & Garcia MO

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