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All abstracts by Ross Mitchell in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Trial by Fire: Testing the Paleolongitude of Pangea of Competing Reference Frames with the African LLSVP
Mitchell R, Wu L, Murphy JB & Li Z-X

(2019) Blowing in the Mantle Wind: Migration of Cordilleran Arcs
Spencer C, Murphy B, Hoiland C, Johnston S, Mitchell R & Collins B

(2019) The Oceanic Mantle Plume Database and the Tale of Two Superplumes
Doucet L, Li Z-X, Ernst R, Kirsher U & Mitchell R

(2019) Are Modern Plate Tectonic Cycles Inherited from Hadean Mantle Convection?
Mitchell R, Spencer C, Kirscher U & Collins W

(2018) Did Earth’s First Supercontinent Form the Inner Core?
Mitchell R, Cox G, O'Rourke J, Li Z-X, Spencer C, Kirscher U, Zhang N, Murphy JB, Nordsvan A & Asimow P

(2017) Geodynamics and Geochemistry of Arc Mobility: The Apparent Advance and Retreat of Cordilleran Arc Systems
Spencer C, Mitchell R, Collins B & Murphy B

(2017) Harmonic Hierarchy of Mantle Convective Cycles: Time Series Analysis of Hafnium Isotopes of Zircon
Mitchell R, Collins W, Kirscher U, Spencer C, He X-F, Li Z-X & Murphy B

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