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All abstracts by Hugo Moreira in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Paleoproterozoic Himalayan-Type Leucogranites Disclose a Late Orogenic Stage in the Southern São Francisco Craton (Brazil)
Lacerda S, Guitreau M, Gonçalves L, Moreira H, Castro C, Pinheiro M & Castro C

(2023) Do ‘vertical Arrays’ in Zircon εHf(t)–Age Space Systematically Reflect Mantle Additions to the Continental Crust?
Moreira H, Buzenchi A, Ionov DA, Gusev N & Dhuime B

(2023) Titanium Isotope Insights into the Formation and Evolution of Sanukitoid Magmas
Spencer L, Albert C, Williams HM, Nebel O, Parkinson IJ, Smithies H, Bruno H, Fowler M, Moreira H, Lissenberg J & Millet M-A

(2023) High Spatial Resolution Analyses of Strontium Isotopes by LA-MC-ICP-MS: Application to Apatite Inclusions in Zircon
Buzenchi A, Moreira H, Bruguier O, Bosch D, Bruand E & Dhuime B

(2022) Building the Earliest Preserved Crust in the Pilbara Craton
Buzenchi A, Moreira H, Bruguier O & Dhuime B

(2022) Ups and Downs of Zircon-Bearing Magmas and the Onset of Global Plate Tectonics
Moreira H, Buzenchi A, Hawkesworth C & Dhuime B

(2021) How can We Use the Detrital Rutile Record to Elucidate Crustal and Tectonic Processes?
Pereira I, Storey C & Moreira H

(2021) Apatite Sulphur Speciation in Plutonic Rocks: A Probe for Secular Oxidation State of the Mantle?
Storey C, Moreira H, Bruand E, Darling JR & Dhuime B

(2021) High Precision Sr Isotope Analyses in Apatite by LA-MC-ICP-MS: From Mineral Inclusions in Zircon to Crustal Evolution Models
Buzenchi A, Moreira H, Bruguier O, Bosch D & Dhuime B

(2021) Changes in the Continental Thickness Through Time and Supercontinent Cycles
Moreira H, Buzenchi A, Hawkesworth C & Dhuime B

(2021) Probing Ancient Continental Crust with Kimberlite Xenoliths: Insights from the Siberian Craton
Ionov D, Moreira H, Buzenchi A, Golovin A & Dhuime B

(2020) Thallium Isotopic Composition of Earth’s Earliest Continental Crust
Schannor M, Freymuth H, Reimink J, Moreira H, Rehkämper M & Williams H

(2019) Modern-Style Plate Tectonics Controls the Preservation of New Crust during Supercontinent Assembly
Pereira I, Storey C, Darling J, Moreira H & Strachan R

(2019) Early Palaeoproterozoic Secular Magmatic Evolution and Crustal Growth: Insights from Trace Element Analyses in Accessory Phases
Moreira H, Storey C, Fowler M & Seixas L

(2018) Evidence for Continuous Continental Crust Generation during the Magmatic Lull
Moreira H, Storey C, Fowler M, Seixas L, Dunlop J & Darling J

(2017) Filling the Gap: A Prolonged History of Continental Crust Generation during the Siderian Magmatic Shutdown
Moreira H, Storey C, Fowler M, Gonçalves G), Seixas L & Lasalle S

(2017) In situ Trace Element Chemistry of Apatite, Titanite and Zircon Using LA-ICPMS from Archean Granitoids, Bundelkhand Craton, Central India
Joshi KB, Singh SK, Moreira H, Storey CD, Fowler M & Ahmad T

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