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All abstracts by Usha Lingappa in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Cyanobacterial Mn(II) as Defense Against Oxidative Stress
Magyar J, Lingappa U, Monteverde D, Valentine J, Sharma A, Hoffman B & Fischer W

(2019) Rock Varnish: Implications for Biosignatures on Mars
Marti-Arbona R, Lanza N, Teshima M, Lingappa U, Fischer W & Yeager C

(2018) Microbial Inhabitants of Rock Varnish: Visitors or Niche Specialists
Lingappa U, Fischer W, Lanza N, Challacombe J & Yeager C

(2018) Manganese Speciation in Modern Cyanobacteria and its Relationship to the Evolution of Photosynthesis
Magyar J, Lingappa U, Monteverde D, Valentine J & Fischer W

(2018) Chemical Imaging Approaches to Untangle Depositional and Post-Depositional Processes in Ancient Rocks on Earth and Mars
Fischer W, Lingappa U, Trower E, Magyar J, Slotznick S, Johnson J, Webb S, Ma C, Guan Y, Rasmussen B & Liu Y

(2017) Insights into Ancient Manganese Biogeochemistry from Studies of Modern Photosystem II
Magyar J, Lingappa U & Fischer W

(2017) Linking the Modern to the Ancient with Morphological and Geochemical Signatures in Microbial Mats
Gomes M, Riedman LA, O'Reilly S, Lingappa U, Metcalfe K, Stein N, Orzechowski EA, Strauss JV, Grotzinger H, Quinn DP, Trower L, Fike D, Grotzinger J & Knoll A

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