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All abstracts by Ergen Gao in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2011) Geochemical Characteristics of Trace Elements of Sandstone-Type Uranium Deposits in the Ordos Basin
Gao E, He S & Sun SC

(2011) Application of the Field Seismic Data in Superficial Structure Study for Wenshui Area
Ding L, He SG & Gao EG

(2010) The Adakite and Fe-Cu-Au Mineralization in the Luzong Volcanic Basin, Central Anhui
Hu S, Gao E & He S

(2010) The Model of the Element Geochemistry of Metamorphic Rock in Early Precambrian Period in Liaoning
Gong L, Ma G, Hu S, He S & Gao E

(2010) Type Au(Cu) Ore Body Discovered First-Time in Tonglushan Deposit in Hubei Province
Ma G, Gong L, Hu S, He S & Gao E

(2009) A Prospecting Porphyry Cu-Au Deposit in Shaxi-Changpushan Region by Geochemical and Geophysical Exploration, Anhui, East China
Liu W & Gao E

(2009) Geochemical Studies from Several Cu-Au Deposits, Anhui, East China
Ming L & Gao E

(2009) Deformation and Component Migration during Mylonitization in Ductile Shear Zones, South Tan-Lu Fault Belt
Zhao X & Gao E

(2009) Conditions of Deformation and Structural State of Feldspars during Mylonitization, South Tan-Lu Fault Belt
Gao E & Zhao X

(2009) The CO2 Degassing during Contact Metamorphism from South Tan-Lu Fault Belt: Its Geological Significance
Li J & Gao E

(2009) Application of the Field Seismic Data in the Security Assessment of Coal Mining in Cuijiazhai Area
He S & Gao E

(2008) The Origin and Tectonic Frame of the Dabieshan Orogenic Belt: Constraints from Geophysical Data
Gao E, Liu H & Liu L

(2008) Metallogenic Possibility of Large-Scale Copper-Gold Deposit in Anhui
Liu L & Gao E

(2007) Application of the Field Seismic Data in the Security Assessment of Coal Mining in Marbi Area
Gao E & Song S

(2007) A 3-D Crustal Structure Study for the Area along Yangtze River: Implications for Multi-Metal Mineralization
Song S & Gao E

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