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All abstracts by Carolin F. Kerl in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Effects of Sulfate-Fertilization and Water Management on Toxicant and Micronutrient Accumulation in Rice
Kerl CF, Bouallegue A, Romani M & Planer-Friedrich B

(2021) Turning Peatlands from Arsenic Sinks to Sources – The pH-Dependent Role of Reduced Sulfur in Controlling Arsenic Methylation, Thiolation, and Thereby Net Mobility
Planer-Friedrich B, Eberle A, Besold J, León-Ninin JM, Kerl CF, Kujala K, Lezama-Pacheco JS & Fendorf S

(2019) Sulfur-Induced Arsenic Mobilization in Peat
Besold J, Eberle A, Kerl C, Lezama Pacheco J, Fendorf S & Planer-Friedrich B

(2019) Sorption and Transformation of Methylated Thioarsenates in the Rice Rhizosphere by Iron (Oxy)hydroxides
Kerl CF & Planer-Friedrich B

(2019) Cryptic Sulfur Cycling in Paddy Soils Leads to Formation of Novel Arsenic Species Important for Rice Research
Planer-Friedrich B, Wang J, Kerl C, Hu P, Martin M, Mu T, Brüggenwirth L, Wu G, Said Pullicino D, Romani M & Wu L

(2018) Monothioarsenate Uptake, Transformation, and Translocation in Rice Plants
Kerl CF, Rafferty C, Clemens S & Planer-Friedrich B

(2017) Experimental Confirmation of Isotope Fractionation in Thiomolybdates Using Ion Chromatographic Separation and Detection by Multi-Collector ICP-MS
Kerl CF, Lohmayer R, Bura-Nakic E, Vance D & Planer-Friedrich B

(2017) Thioarsenates – so Far Unrecognized Arsenic Species in Paddy Soils
Planer-Friedrich B, Halder D, Kerl C, Schaller J, Wang J, Martin M & Romani M

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