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All abstracts by Duk-Min Kim in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Fractionation Behaviors of Cu, Zn, and S Isotopes in Groundwater Contaminated with Petroleum and Treated by Oxidation
Kim D-M, Lim W-L, Lim D-G, Kwon H-L, Hwang J-W, Yu S, Yun S-T & Kim J-H

(2023) Coprecipitation and Adsorption of Mn by Fe (Hydr)oxides during Limestone Reaction in Passive Treatment Facilities
Kwon H-L, Kim D-M, Lim D-G & Park M-S

(2023) Assessing Fluoride Adsorption Efficiencies by Alum- and Ferric (Hydr)oxide-Based Adsorbents
Lim D-G, Kim D-M, Lim W-L, Kwon H-L, Park M-S, Kwon O-H & Yun S-T

(2022) Assessing Soil Contamination Sources and Pathways in Mining Area Using Cu, Pb, Zn, and S Isotopes
Kim D-M, Lim W-L, Kwon H-L & Lim D-G

(2022) Assessing Roles of Accumulated Mn Oxides in Slag Reactor: Autocatalytic Oxidation of Mn and Adsorption of Ni
Lim D-G, Kim D-M, Kwon H-L, Lim W-L, Lee J-H & Yun S-T

(2022) Assessing Behaviors of Heavy Metals and Tracing Contamination Sources in Groundwater of Mining Area Using Cu and Zn Isotopes
Kwon H-L, Kim D-M, Lim W-L & Lim D-G

(2017) A Study on the Correlations Among Rainfall, Groundwater Level and Mine Drainage Discharge
Ha S-H, Kim D-M & Cheong Y-W

(2017) Recurrence Relation Model for Temporal Variance of Mine Water Flux
Yi H, Kim D-M & Cheong Y-W

(2017) A Study on the Effects of Exposure of Coal Bed on the Amount of Mine Drainages
Kim S, Kim D-M, Yi H-U & Cheong Y-W

(2017) Study of the Source of the AMD Around the Abandoned Coal Mine Related with the Groundwater
Ji S, Cheong Y-W, Yim GJ, Oh C, Kim S & Kim D-M

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