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All abstracts by YeoJin Ju in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) A Modified and Rapid Method for Single Well Push-Pull Test Using Inert Gas Tracers
Joun W-T, Ha S-W, Lee S, Do H-K, Jun S-C, Kim Y, Ju Y, Kim Y & Lee K-K

(2022) High Level of Radioactivity in Shallow Granite Aquifer: Radiogenic He as a Proxy of Strong in situ Supply from Residual Soils
Ju Y, Kaown D, Koh D-C, Lee K-K & Ryu J-H

(2020) Development of on-Site pCO2 Analyzing System and Evaluation of its Applicability to Identify CO2 Intrusion into Groundwater
Ha S-W, Do H-K, Kang H-J, Joun W-T, Ju Y, Cho I-R, Lee S-S, Lee K-K & Yun S-T

(2019) Application of Noble Gas to Alarm the CO2 Leak and to Constrain the Mass Distribution of Leaking Plume for Different Leakage Conditions
Ju Y, Lee S-S, Kaown D & Lee K-K

(2019) Noble Gas Push-Drift-Pull Test Considering Natural Degassing for Site Characterization in CCS Field
Cho I-R, Ju Y, Kaown D, Ha S-W, Lee S, Park I-W, Lee S-S & Lee K-K

(2019) Estimation of the Unknown DNAPLs Source Mass and Dissolved Concentration: Based on Analytical Solutions Considering the Partial Source Depletion
Lee S-S, Cho I-R, Ju Y & Lee K-K

(2017) CO2-infused Groudnwater Injection and Leakage Test Using Shallow-Depth Groundwater and Gas Monitoring Network
Lee S-S, Ju Y, Jun S-C & Lee K-K

(2017) Artificial Injection of CO2 Infused Groundwater and Evaluation of its Partitioning Behavior Using Inert Gas Tracers
Ju Y, Kaown D, Lee S-S & Lee K-K

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