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All abstracts by Mike Jetten in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Nitrate-Dependent Anaerobic Methane Oxidation (N-Damo) as a Bioremediation Strategy for Waters Affected by Agricultural Runoff
Glodowska M, Legierse A, Struik Q, Smith G, Echeveste Medrano MJ, Jetten M, Veraart AJ & Welte C

(2023) The Multiply Substituted Isotopologue 12CH2D in Methane Differentiates Biological Production Mechanisms
Ash JL, Li J, Nathan V, Torres M, Welte C, Morra K, Frisch S, Jetten M, Feng X, Young ED & Leavitt W

(2023) Gene-Based Modeling of Methane Oxidation in Coastal Sediments: Constraints on the Efficiency of the Microbial Methane Filter
Lenstra WK, van Helmond NAGM, Dalcin Martins P, Wallenius AJ, Jetten M & Slomp CP

(2021) Arsenic Mobilization by Anaerobic Iron-Dependent Methane Oxidation
Kappler A, Glodowska M, Stopelli E, Schneider M, Rathi B, Straub D, Vu D, Pham T, Pham V, Lightfoot AK, Kipfer R, Berg M, Jetten M & Kleindienst S

(2020) The Thermoacidophilic Methanotroph Methylacidiphilum Fumariolicum SolV Oxidizes Subatmospheric H2 with a High-Affinity [NiFe] Hydrogenase
Schmitz R, Pol A, Mohammadi S, Hogendoorn C, van Gelder T, Jetten M, Daumann L & Op den Camp H

(2019) Iron Oxides Stimulate Methane Emission in Rewetted Dutch Agricultural Soils
de Jong A, Guerrero S, Van Diggelen J, Vaksmaa A, Smolders A, Lamers L, Jetten M & Rasigraf O

(2019) Microbial Interactions Under Carbon, Sulfur, and Nitrogen-Cycling Conditions in an Anoxic Bioreactor
Dalcin Martins P, Arshad A, Frank J, Jetten M, Op den Camp H & Welte C

(2019) A Consortium of Anaerobic Microorganisms Protects Metal Sheet Piles Against Corrosion
in 't Zandt M, Kip N, Frank J, Jansen S, van Veen H, Jetten M & Welte C

(2017) Methane Microbiology of Arctic Thermokarst Lake Sediments in Response to Warming
in 't Zandt M, de Jong A, Rasigraf O, Meisel O, Dean J, Dolman H, Jetten M & Welte C

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