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All abstracts by Roberto Gallino in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) High-Density Graphite Grains from the Murchison Meteorite
Amari S, Zinner E & Gallino R

(2014) Ba and Sr in Mainstream SiCs: Condensation or Implantation?
Liu N, Davis A, Savina M, Gallino R, Dauphas N & Pellin M

(2014) Correlated Sr and Ba Isotopic Composition of Mainstream SiCs and the 13C Pocket in AGB Models
Liu N, Savina M, Gallino R, Davis A, Bisterzo S, K├Ąppeler F, Dauphas N & Pellin M

(2008) Iron-60 in the Cosmic Blender
Dauphas N, Cook D, Sacarabany A, Frohlich C, Davis A, Wadhwa M, Pourmand A, Rauscher T & Gallino R

(2003) Correlated Mo and Ru Anomalies in Differentiated Meteorites
Dauphas N, Marty B, Davis A, Reisberg L & Gallino R

(2003) Isotopic Composition of Kr in Presolar Mainstream SiC Grains
Fazio C, Gallino R, Pignatari M, Mutti P, Amari S & Lewis R

(2003) Ruthenium Isotopes in Single Presolar SiC Grains
Savina M, Davis A, Tripa C, Pellin M, Gallino R & Lewis R

(2003) Isotopic Signatures of Presolar Silicon Carbide of Type Z
Amari S, Zinner E, Gallino R & Lewis R

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