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All abstracts by Keyron Hickman-Lewis in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Earliest Fossil Record of Cyanobacterial Microbialites >120 Myr Before the Great Oxygenation Event
Hickman-Lewis K, Gasparotto G, Maris A, Poggiali G, Brucato JR, Baneschi I, Boschi C, Siketić Z, Jakšić M, Barac M, Brajković M, Krmpotić M, Ghica D, Stefan M & Cavalazzi B

(2021) Perseverance Rover Notional Caches for Mars Sample Return
Hickman-Lewis K, Herd CDK, Bosak T, Stack KM, Sun VZ, Benison KC, Cohen BA, Czaja AD, Debaille V, Hausrath EM, Mayhew LE, Moynier F, Sephton MA, Shuster DL, Siljeström S, Simon JI, Weiss BP, Smith CL, Steele A, Flannery D, Goreva YS, Gupta S, Kah LC, Minitti ME, McLennan SM, Madariaga JM, Brown AJ, Williford KH & Farley KA

(2021) Biogeochemical Heterogeneity in Palaeoarchaean Microbial Mats: A Testament to the Diversity and Biological Complexity of Earth’s Earliest Ecosystems
Hickman-Lewis K, Westall F & Cavalazzi B

(2018) Most Ancient Evidence for Life in Barberton: Microbial Mats from the 3.472 Ga Middle Marker Horizon
Hickman-Lewis K, Cavalazzi B, Foucher F & Westall F

(2018) Assessing New Biogenicity Criteria of Microfossils with a Novel 3D Imaging Approach
Maldanis L, Hickman-Lewis K, Westall F, Bertrand L, Berenguer F, Gueriau P & Galante D

(2018) Influence of Early Ocean Chemistry on Cell Biochemistry and Prokaryotic Metallomic Biosignatures
Hickman-Lewis K, Cavalazzi B, Sorieul S, Gautret P, Foucher F, Georgelin T, Cockell C & Westall F

(2017) Geochemical Tracing of the Early Archaean Hydrothermal Chemotrophic Biosphere
Hickman-Lewis K, Gautret P, Foucher F, Sorieul S, Cavalazzi B & Westall F

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