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All abstracts by Mandy Hofmann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Can We Date Marine Carbonates at High(er) Precision with U-Pb ID-TIMS Method?
Ovtcharova M, Müller IA, Samankassou E, Guillong M, Messori F, Peyrotty G, Linnemann U, Hofmann M, Zieger J, Vennemann T, Kouzmanov K, Merino-Tomé O & Nuriel P

(2022) Can U-Pb Dating on Carbonates add to Improved Time Constraints on the Ediacaran Metazoan Ecosystem in the Nama Group, Namibia?
Müller IA, Messori F, Guillong M, Peyrotty G, Samankassou E, Linnemann U, Hofmann M, Zieger J, Vennemann T, Kouzmanov K & Ovtcharova M

(2021) New High Precision U-Pb CA-ID-TIMS Zircon Ages from the Terminal Ediacaran in Namibia
Messori F, Linnemann U, Hofmann M, Zieger J, Geyer G, Vickers-Rich P & Ovtcharova M

(2019) Geochronologic Constraints on the Onset of the Shuram Excursion in Oman
Cantine MD, Bergmann KD, Rooney AD, Linneman U-G, Hofmann M, Albert R, Gomez Perez I, Baloushi B & Gerdes A

(2019) Detailed Ediacaran Timeline for White Sea and Nama Fossil Assemblages (Namibia and Ukraine)
Ovtcharova M, Messori F, Linnemann U, Hofmann M, Zieger J, Geyer G, Vickers-Rich P, Soldatenko Y & El Albani A

(2017) Comparing Zircon Dating Methods on Natural Samples
Tichomirowa M, Hofmann M, Linnemann U, Kässner A, Ovtcharova M, Schaltegger U, Sergeev S, von Quadt A & Whitehouse M

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