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All abstracts by Anna Harrison in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Crystallization of Amorphous Ca-, Ca-Mg, and Mg- Carbonates in Water-Limited Systems
Patel AS, Raudsepp M, Wilson SA & Harrison A

(2022) Rare Earth Element Ore Characterization and Mechanisms of Dissolution Rates in Near Surface Conditions at the Nechalacho Deposit, Northwest Territories, Canada
Taylor A, Jamieson HE, Harrison A, Leybourne M, Lambiv G & Falck H

(2022) Fractionation of Oxygen Isotopes and Trace Metals during Ca‑Mg Carbonate Transformation in Diagenetic Conditions
Vessey C, Li Y, Raudsepp M, Brazier J-M, Harrison A, Wilson SA & Mavromatis V

(2021) Isotope Exchange between Carbonate Minerals and Fluids at Equilibrium and during Mineral Phase Transformations at Earth's Surface Temperatures
Harrison A, Oelkers EH, Schott J, Bénézeth P & Mavromatis V

(2021) An Experimental Study on the Impacts of Phosphate on Enhanced Weathering of Wollastonite in Agricultural Soils
Wood C & Harrison A

(2021) Humidity-Controlled Phase Transitions of Amorphous Ca-Mg Carbonates (ACMC)
Patel A, Wilson S, Raudsepp M & Harrison A

(2021) Partitioning of Fe during Carbonation of Fe-Rich Brucite
Vessey C, Wilson S, Raudsepp M & Harrison A

(2021) Tracking the Fate of Nickel during Mg-Carbonate Mineral Phase Transformations: Implications for CO2 Storage
Hooper J & Harrison A

(2021) Mechanisms Controlling the Mg Isotope Composition of Hydromagnesite-Magnesite Playas Near Atlin, British Columbia, Canada
Mavromatis V, Power IM, Harrison A, Beinlich A, Dipple G & Bénézeth P

(2020) Carbonation of Hydraulic Fracturing Flowback and Produced Water for Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage
Zhu B, Wilson SA, Zeyen N, Raudsepp M, Wang B, Rostron B, Snihur K, von Guten K, Harrison A & Alessi D

(2019) Fluid-Mineral-Organic Interactions and Contaminant Release in Shale Reservoirs
Harrison A, Li Q, Jew A, Dustin M, Kiss A, Thomas D, Joe-wong C, Bargar J, Brown G & Maher K

(2018) Impacts of Evaporation-Recharge Cycles on Chemical Weathering in the Unsaturated Zone
Harrison A & Oelkers E

(2018) Magnesite Formation at Earth’s Surface
Power I, Harrison A, Kenward P, Dipple G & Wilson S

(2017) The Rates of 13C Isotope Evolution in Calcite at Fluid-Mineral Bulk Chemical Equilibrium
Oelkers E, Grimm C, Harrison A, Mavromatis V & Schott J

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