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All abstracts by Jean-Francois Gaillard in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Effect of Organic Ligands and Cell Metabolism on Hg(II) Sorption and Coordination to E. coli
Thomas S & Gaillard J-F

(2014) Bacterial Biouptake and Cell-Mediated Ligand-Exchange of Hg(II) Complexed with Organic Ligands
Thomas S, Tong T & Gaillard J-F

(2012) Probing the Effects of Organic Ligands on Mercury Biouptake
Thomas S, Tong T, Ji I & Gaillard J-F

(2012) High-Throughput Analysis of Eco-Toxicity of Nano-TiO2 to Model Bacteria Under Simulated Environmental Conditions
Tong T, Binh CTT, Kelly J, Gaillard J-F & Gray K

(2009) Bioavailability of Hg in Presence of Anthropogenic Ligands
Dahl A, Sanseverino J & Gaillard J-F

(2002) Correlating Bioavailability with Metal Toxicity Using a Suite of Analytical Techniques
Dahl A, Lalande M, Jackson B, Gaillard J-F & Stahl D

(2002) Reactive Transport Modeling of Trace Metals in Stratified Water Columns
Taillefert M & Gaillard J-F

(2002) Trace Metals and Fe-Mn Cycling
Gaillard J-F, Taillefert M, Lienemann C-P & Perret D

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