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All abstracts by Fabrice Gaillard in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) The Effects of F, Cl, P and H2O on the Immiscibility and Rare Metals Partitionning between Carbonate and Phonolite Melts
Gaillard F, Nabyl Z, Tuduri J, Di Carlo I, Melleton J & Bailly L

(2019) REE-Rich Carbonatites Immiscible with Phonolitic Magma
Nabyl Z, Massuyeau M, Gaillard F, Tuduri J, Iacono-Marziano G, Rogerie G, Le Trong E, Di Carlo I, Melleton J & Bailly L

(2017) Investigating the Effect of Pressure on the Sulfide-Sulfate Transition in Silicate Melts: Implications for the Behaviour of Chalcophile Elements and Redox State of Magma Sources
Jego S, Maussang E, Iacono Marziano G, Gaillard F & Morizet Y

(2017) Experimental Simulation of Rare Metal Enrichments during the Fractionation of Alkaline Magma
Nabyl Z, Gaillard F, Bailly L, Melleton J, Tuduri J & Iacono-Marziano G

(2017) Experimental Determination of Sulfide Melt – Silicate Melt Partitioning of Metals at Crustal Conditions Relevant to the Formation of Magmatic Sulfide Ore Deposits
Ferraina C, Iacono-Marziano G, Brenan J, Gaillard F, Jego S & Sizaret S

(2016) Upper Mantle Melting and the Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Boundary
Richard G, Massuyeau M & Gaillard F

(2015) Formation of Massive Sulfides by Magma-Sediment Interactions: The Noril’sk-Talnakh Case-Study
Iacono-Marziano G, Gaillard F, Ferraina C & Arndt N

(2015) Theme 17: Melts, Glasses and Magmas
Gaillard F

(2015) Modelling the Composition of H2O-CO2-rich Incipient Melts in the Upper Mantle
Massuyeau M, Gardés E, Morizet Y & Gaillard F

(2015) Unconventional H2O-CO2 Solubility and Molecular Structure of Kimberlite Melts
Gaillard F, Moussallam Y, Morizet Y & Florian P

(2015) Upward Transport of S, Cu and Au in Magmas by Flotation of Sulphide Melt on Vapour Bubbles
Mungall J, Brenan J, Godel B, Barnes S & Gaillard F

(2015) Redox Change Driven by Sulphur Degassing; A Review of Empirical Evidences
Moussallam Y, Oppenheimer C, Hartley M, Schipper CI, Scaillet B, Gaillard F & Kyle P

(2015) Depletion and Accumulation of CO2-rich Melts in the Convecting Asthenosphere
Richard G & Gaillard F

(2013) A Multi-Component Model for the Partial Melting in Presence of CO2 and H2O in the Mantle
Massuyeau M, Morizet Y & Gaillard F

(2012) The Igneous Contribution to Atmosphere Chemistry
Gaillard F & Scaillet B

(2012) Chemical Interpretation of Mantle Electrical Heterogeneities in MORB Source Regions
Tarits P, Sifre D, Grigne C, Massuyeau M, Hashim L & Gaillard F

(2011) Volcanic Gases and Redox Biogeochemistry at the Archean-Proterozoic Transition
Gaillard F, Scaillet B & Arndt N

(2011) H2O-CO2 Solubility in Mafic Melts
Morizet Y, Iacono-Marziano G & Gaillard F

(2011) The Deep Carbon Cycle Confronted to Mantle Electrical Conductivities
Hammouda T, Gaillard F, Guillot B, Tarits P, Sator N, Micoulaut M & Hautot S

(2011) Strongly Reduced Gases Emitted during Flood Magmatism and their Environmental Consequences
Iacono-Marziano G, Gaillard F, Scaillet B, Marecal V, Pirre M, Polozov A & Arndt N

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