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All abstracts by Michael Griffiths in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Lipid Proxies of Hydroclimate Driven by Tropical Pacific Ocean in East Asian Monsoon Regions
Xie S, Griffiths M, Burls N & Lu J

(2019) Multi-Proxy Speleothem Evidence for Southeast Asian Hydroclimate Variability Since 38 ka
Johnson K, Wood C, Griffiths M, Borsato A, Frisia S, Henderson G & Mason A

(2018) End of Green Sahara Responsible for Monsoon Failure and Societal Shifts in Mainland Southeast Asia
Griffiths M, Johnson K, Pausata F, White J, Yang H, Henderson G & Conrad C

(2018) Speleothem 14C as a Paleoclimate Proxy in Northern Laos: Comparisons with Multiproxy Data
Wood C, Johnson K, Borsato A, Frisia S & Griffiths M

(2017) Speleothem Trace Element Responses over the Last Deglaciation and Holocene in Northern Laos
Wood C, Johnson K, Griffiths M & Henderson G

(2017) Variations in Indo-China Hydroclimate over the Last Two Millennia
Wang J, Johnson K, Griffiths M & Henderson G

(2016) A Multi-Proxy Speleothem Record of Southeast Asian Monsoon Variability Since 46 kyr BP
Johnson K, Griffiths M, Yang H & Henderson G

(2014) Southeast Asian Monsoon Variability during the Holocene Based on Speleothems from Laos
Yang H, Johnson K, Griffiths M, Sekhon N, LeGrande A, Yoshemura K, Ersek V & Gideon H

(2008) Speleothem Reconstructions of Palaeomonsoon Dynamics from Flores, Indonesia over the Last 24 kyr
Bretherton S, Gagan M, Ayliffe L, Zhao J-X, Griffiths M, Drysdale R & Hantoro W

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