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All abstracts by Pascale Gautret in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Influence of Early Ocean Chemistry on Cell Biochemistry and Prokaryotic Metallomic Biosignatures
Hickman-Lewis K, Cavalazzi B, Sorieul S, Gautret P, Foucher F, Georgelin T, Cockell C & Westall F

(2017) Biogeochemical Behavior of As in a Soil Contaminated by the Destruction of Arsenical Shells from the Great War: A Mesocosm Study
Thouin H, Battaglia-Brunet F, Norini M-P, Dupraz S, Le Forestier L & Gautret P

(2017) Development and Interpretation of Activity Test for Microbial Transformation of Inorganic Arsenic
Lescure T, Thouin H, Marteau P, Bauda P, Gautret P & Battaglia-Brunet F

(2017) Biogeochemical Processes of Trace Metallic Elements in the Rhizosphere of Phytostabilizing Plants
Norini M-P, Motelica-Heino M, Battaglia-Brunet F, Morabito D, Bourgerie S & Gautret P

(2017) Geochemical Tracing of the Early Archaean Hydrothermal Chemotrophic Biosphere
Hickman-Lewis K, Gautret P, Foucher F, Sorieul S, Cavalazzi B & Westall F

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