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All abstracts by Mario Gaeta in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Experimental Studies of Interaction between Mantle-Derived Magmas and Wall Rocks at Deep Crustal Levels
Palummo F, Perinelli C, Bonechi B, Misiti V, Scarlato P & Gaeta M

(2022) Viscosity Measurements of Magmas in the Earth’s Upper Mantle: Constraints on Rates and Ascent Timescales of a Primitive Alkaline Basalt
Bonechi B, Stagno V, Kono Y, Hrubiak R, Ziberna L, Andreozzi GB, Perinelli C & Gaeta M

(2020) Trace Element Partitioning between Clinopyroxene and Alkali Basaltic Melts: Investigation at High Pressure on a Composition from the Campi Flegrei Volcanic District (Italy)
Bonechi B, Perinelli C, Gaeta M, Fabbrizio A, Petrelli M & Strnad L

(2019) Clinopyroxene Growth and Dissolution Rates: High-Pressure Investigation on a Primitive Alkaline Basalt from the Campi Flegrei Volcanic District (South Italy)
Bonechi B, Perinelli C & Gaeta M

(2019) Viscosity and Atomic Structure of CO2-bearing Magmas in the Earth’s Interior
Stagno V, Stopponi V, Kono Y, Romano C, Poe BT, Lupi S, D'Arco A, Hrubiak R, Scarlato P, Bonechi B, Perinelli C, Gaeta M & Manning CE

(2016) The Coarse-Grained, High-Mg Basaltic Enclaves of Capo Marargiu (Sardinia, Italy): Constrains on the Differentiation of Arc Magmas
Tecchiato V, Gaeta M, Mollo S & Scarlato P

(2015) The Control of Water on the Crystallization of Magmas at Mt. Etna Volcano (Sicily, Italy)
De Cristofaro S, Perinelli C, Gaeta M, Mollo S, Palladino D, Armienti P & Scarlato P

(2015) High Porphyritic Calcalkaline Basalts from the Cenozoic Capo Marargiu Volcanic District (Sardinia, Italy)
Tecchiato V, Gaeta M, Mollo S, Perinelli C & Scarlato P

(2012) Towards a New Clinopyroxene Geothermometer for Alkaline, Differentiated Magmas
Masotta M, Mollo S, Freda C, Gaeta M & Moore G

(2012) Ultrapotassic Lava Flows from Colli Albani Volcanic District (Central Italy) Give Insights into the Crystallization of Magmatic Calcite in Effusive Rocks
Gozzi F, Gaeta M, Freda C, Mollo S, Di Rocco T, Marra F, Dallai L & Pack A

(2011) Catching a Collapsing Solidification Front Through Thermal Gradient Experiments
Masotta M, Freda C & Gaeta M

(2004) Oxygen Isotope Geochemistry of Pyroclastic Clinopyroxene Monitors crustal-CO2 Contributions to Roman-Type Ultrapotassic Magmas
Dallai L, Gaeta M & Freda C

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