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All abstracts by Jack Gillespie in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Controls on Compositional Zoning of Zircon from the Catedral Granite, Torres del Paine
Gillespie J, Moore J & Baumgartner LP

(2022) Crustal Growth and Reworking in the Early Archean Narryer Terrane: New Evidence from Strontium Isotopes in Apatite Inclusions
Gillespie J, Kinny P, Cavosie AJ, Kirkland CL, Martin LAJ, Roberts MP, Aleshin M, Fougerouse D, Quadir Z & Nemchin AA

(2022) Going Back in Time: Mineral Pitfalls and Associated SIMS Tricks
Martin LAJ, Gillespie J, Kirkland CL, Kinny P & Aleshin M

(2021) Detrital Apatite Lu-Hf and U-Pb Geochronology
Glorie S, Simpson A, Gillespie J, Hand M, Gilbert S & Kirkland C

(2021) Isotopic Modelling of Archean Crustal Evolution from Comagmatic Zircon--Apatite Pairs
Gillespie J, Kinny P, Kirkland C, Martin L, Nemchin A, Cavosie AJ & Hasterok D

(2021) In situ Lu – Hf Geochronology of Garnet, Apatite, and Xenotime by LA ICP MS/MS
Simpson A, Gilbert S, Tamblyn R, Hand M, Spandler C, Gillespie J, Nixon A & Glorie S

(2020) Deciphering Pre-Eruptive Thermal Histories Using Coupled Ar/Ar and (U-Th)/He Thermochronometry and Bayesian Inference: Toba Caldera, Sumatra
Danisik M, Mucek A, de Silva S, Miggins D, Schmitt A, Pratomo I, Koppers A, Phatak A & Gillespie J

(2020) Use of EBSD to Identify Primary Magmatic Apatite Inclusions in Zircon
Gillespie J, Cavosie A, Nemchin A & Kinny P

(2017) Formation and Reactivation of the Pamir-Tian Shan Suture: Insights from Apatite Triple Dating
Jepson G, Glorie S, Konopelko D, Gillespie J, Danisik M, Evans N & Collins A

(2017) Strategies Towards Interpretation of in situ Detrital Apatite U-Pb Data
Gillespie J, Glorie S & Jepson G

(2017) Does Uranium Influence Fission Track Annealing in Apatite?
Glorie S, Gillespie J, Jepson G & Fernie N

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