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All abstracts by Uschi Graham in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Phosphate Flux from Oceanic Crust to the Archean Oceans: Evidence from the 3.46 Ga Apex Basalt, Australia
Tsukamoto Y, Kakegawa T, Graham U, Liu Z-K, Ito A & Ohmoto H

(2018) Discovery of Ni-Fe Phosphides in the 3.46 Ga-Old Apex Basalt: Implications on the Phosphate Budget of the Archean Oceans
Tsukamoto Y, Kakegawa T, Graham U, Liu Z-K, Ito A & Ohmoto H

(2018) (Bio)geochemical Cycles of S, C, Fe, and O on the Hotter Archean Earth
Ohmoto H, Graham U, Watanabe Y, Brainard J, Chorney A, Hamasaki H, Tsukamoto Y & Liu Z-K

(2018) Causes of Sulfur Isotope Fractionation during Thermochemical Sulfate Reduction by Organic Matter
Chorney A, Watanabe Y, Ohmoto H, Hamasaki H & Graham U

(2017) ~3.46 Ga-Old Meteorite Fragments Suggest the Earth’s Core is Rich in Ti, Si and Ca
Graham U, Liu Z-K & Ohmoto H

(2017) Asteroid Impact-Induced Magmatism and Tectonics on the Early Earth
Ohmoto H & Graham U

(2017) Formation of Organic Matter and Iron Oxides by Aerobic Fe-Oxidizing Bacteria in a Deep Ocean 3.46 Ga ago
Watanabe Y, Graham U & Ohmoto H

(2017) Abiotic Synthesis of Organic Matter and Fe-Oxides in Archean Submarine Hydrothermal Plumes
Ohmoto H, Graham U & Watanabe Y

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