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All abstracts by Gerhard Furrer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Natural Formation of Large Amounts of Nanocrystalline Al-Hydroxysulfates
Wanner C, Pöthig R, Carrero S, Fernandez-Martinez A & Furrer G

(2013) Linking Soil Chemistry, Treeline Shifts and Climate Change: A Scenario
Mavris C, Anderson S, Egli M, Blum A, Furrer G & Dahms D

(2013) The Influence of Frost Weathering on the Release of Readily Available Ions from Granite Surfaces
Chwalek T, Torres N, Furrer G, Brandl H, Müller B & Hauser P

(2011) Influence of Cyanide on Granite Weathering
Wongfun N, Plötze M, Brandl H & Furrer G

(2009) Cyanide-Promoted Mineral Weathering in a Glacier Forefield
Wongfun N, Furrer G, Plötze M & Brandl H

(2009) Al Nanoclusters: A New Method for As Removal from Water
Mertens J, Rowland H, Jimenez C, Baciu C, Hug S, Wehrli B & Furrer G

(2009) Primary Microbial Succession in a Glacier Forefield
Zumsteg A, Brunner I, Furrer G, Plötze M & Frey B

(2009) Pioneering Fungi and their Role in Initial Weathering of Damma Glacier Forefield Granite in the Swiss Alps
Brunner I, Ploetze M, Zumsteg A, Furrer G & Frey B

(2009) Groundwater Geochemistry and As Content in the Eastern Pannonian Basin (Romania) – PCA Analysis
Jimenez C, Mertens J, Rowland HAL, Baciu C, Berg M, Furrer G, Hug S & Cordos E

(2008) Effect of Cyanide-Mineral Interactions on Granite Weathering in a Glacier Forefield
Gärtner D, Plötze M & Furrer G

(2004) Ni Immobilisation by Al-Modified Montmorillonite: A Novel Uptake Mechanism Deduced by P-EXAFS
Nachtegaal M, Scheidegger A, Dähn R & Furrer G

(2004) Interaction of Aqueous Aluminum Species with Pentel Anions
Banerjee D, Rentsch D & Furrer G

(2002) Antimony Contamination in Soil and Ground Water by Shooting Range Activities
Wersin P, Johnson CA & Furrer G

(2002) Heavy Metal Uptake by Natural and Modified Zeolites
Wingenfelder U, Furrer G & Schulin R

(2002) Chemical Reactivity of Aqeous Aluminum Nanoclusters
Banerjee D, Furrer G & Hany R

(2002) The Continuous Growth of Aqueous Aluminum Nanoclusters
Furrer G, Casey WH, Phillips BL, Rentsch D & Wehrli B

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