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All abstracts by Paul Falkowski in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Anoxic Photochemical Weathering of Pyrite on Archean Continents
Hao J, Liu W, Goff J, Steadman J, Large RR, Falkowski P & Yee N

(2021) Illuminating the Microbial Dark Matter Driving Energy Transformations in the Environment with a Universal Language of Life
Hoarfrost A, Aptekmann A, Farfañuk G, Falkowski P & Bromberg Y

(2021) Reinventing a Primordial Hydrogenase with a di-Nickel Center
Timm J, Mancini J, Pike D, Tyryshkin A, Poudel S, Nanda V & Falkowski P

(2018) Anoxic Conversion of Rhodochrosite to Mn Oxides in the Presence of Ultraviolet Light
Liu W, Yee N, Elzinga E, Piotrwiak P, Nanda V & Falkowski P

(2017) How Corals Make Rocks
Falkowski P

(2017) (Protein) Networking and Dating
Pushkat A, Nanda V, Falkowski P & Bromberg Y

(2017) Metal Availability and the Evolution of Metabolism in the Archean Eon
Moore E, Jelen B, Giovannelli D, Raanan H & Falkowski P

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