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All abstracts by Gareth Davies in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Modelling the Temperature History of Mantle Lithosphere Using FTIR Maps of Diamonds
Kohn S, Speich L, Bulanova G, Smith C, Gress M & Davies G

(2018) Episodic Eclogitic Diamond Genesis at Jwaneng Diamond Mine, Botswana
Gress M, Pearson G, Chinn I, Koornneef J, Pals A, van der Valk E & Davies G

(2018) Combined Sr-Nd-Pb Isotope Data on Individual Melt Inclusions from Italy Record Extreme Mantle Heterogeneity Induced by Complex Geodynamics
Koornneef JM, Nikogosian I, Hageman L, Berndsen M, van Bergen MJ, Vroon PZ & Davies GR

(2017) Ancient Recycled Lower Crust Trapped in Deep Magmatic Olivine from Italy: Evidence from Sr-Nd-Pb Isotopes in Melt Inclusions from Roccamonfina-Ernici
Koornneef J, Nikogosian I, van Bergen M, Vroon P & Davies G

(2017) Geochemical Tracing of Varying Northern vs. Southern Water-Masses Contributions in the sub Antarctic Atlantic Ocean (MD07-3076) Since the Last Glacial Maximum
Beny F, Bout V, Davies G, Gottschalk J, Skinner L, Bory A, Waelbroeck C, Mazaud A, Michel E, Delattre M & Abraham R

(2017) Implications of Elevated Sr Values in Mirobial Mediated Dolomites
Sánchez-Román M, Blok C, McKenzie J, Davies G, Vroon P, Gibert L & Crisogono V

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