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All abstracts by Zhiguo Cheng in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Genesis of Small-Volume Alkali-Tholeiitic Basalts: Implications for the Geochemical Continuum of Intraplate Basalts
Xie Q, Zhang Z, Foley SF, Chen C, Cheng Z, Wang Y, Kong W, Lv Y, Jin Q, Krmíček L, Zhu X-K & M S

(2022) Petrogenetic Link between Aillikites and Carbonatites in the Tarim Large Igneous Province
Wang C, Zhang Z, Giuliani A, Cheng Z, Liu B & Kong W

(2021) Application of Ca Isotope Systematics in Studies of Carbonatites
Sun J, Zhu X, Belshaw N, Chen W, Doroshkevich AG, Luo W, Song W, Chen B, Cheng Z, Li Z-H, Wang Y, Kynicky J & Henderson G

(2020) Tarim Transitional Large Igneous Province (LIP): Insight into the Correlation between Mafic and Silicic LIPs
Zhang Z, Cheng Z, Kong W, Liu B, Wang Z & Wei B

(2020) Highly Heterogeneous Mantle Caused by Two-Stage Mantle Metasomatism: Evidence from the Phonotephrite Dykes in the Northwestern Tarim Large Igneous Province
Wei B, Zhang Z, Cheng Z, Kong W & Liu B

(2020) Factors Controlling Geochemistry of Garnet in Calcic Skarn Rocks: A Case Study from the Cuihongshan Fe-W-Mo Skarn Deposit, NE China
Fei X, Zhang Z, Cheng Z & Santosh M

(2019) Tarim Large Igneous Province Correlated to Subducted Slab-Lithospheric Mantle-Plume Interaction
Zhang Z, Cheng Z, Kong W, Liu B, Wang Z & Wei B

(2019) Petrogenesis of the Sodic Lamprophyres from the Permian Tarim Large Igneous Province: Subduction-Related Source Enrichment
Liu B, Zhang Z, Cheng Z, Xie Q, Kong W, Wang Z, Wei B, Ke S & Xu L

(2019) Zn and Sr-Nd-Mg Isotope in Ferrotephrite Dykes from the Tarim Large Igneous Province: Implications for Plume Interaction with Subduction System
Kong W, Zhang Z, Cheng Z, Liu B, Wang Z, Wei B, Ke S & Xu L

(2018) Petrogenesis of the High FeO Rhyolite in the Tarim Large Igneous Province: The Role of Immiscibility
Cheng Z, Zhang Z, Ke S, Xu L & Wang Z

(2017) Garnet Compositions of the Skarn Deposit
Fei X, Zhang Z & Cheng Z

(2017) The Magnesium Isotopes of the Northern Margin of the Tarim Large Igneous Province
Cheng Z, Zhang Z, Xie Q & Wang Z

(2017) The Magnesium Isotope of the Andesites at El Laco, North Chile
Xie Q, Zhang Z, Cheng Z, Fei X & Campos E

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