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All abstracts by Jake Bailey in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Field Detection of Ureolytic Metabolism and its Potential Application to Understanding the Biogenicity of Carbonate Tufas
Medina Ferrer F, Rosen M, Hobart K & Bailey J

(2020) Determining the Rate of Microbially-Mediated Pyrrhotite Dissolution Using Integrated Geochemical, Magnetic, and Genomic Analyses
Hobart K, Feinberg J, Jones D & Bailey J

(2018) Visualizing Biomarkers Using Antibodies
Medina Ferrer F, Bailey J, Bidaud C & Corsetti F

(2018) Builders, Tenants and Squatters: Organic Matter Preservation and its Relationship to Stromatolite Formation
Petryshyn V, Bailey J, Stamps B, Spear J, Stevenson B & Corsetti F

(2018) Sulfide-Oxidizing Bacteria Dissolve Carbonate Minerals in Marine Cold Seep Settings
Leprich D, Flood B, Ricci E, Schroedl P & Bailey J

(2017) Investigating the Microbiome of the World’s Largest Bacterium Thiomargarita spp.
Flood B, Bailey J & Delherbe N

(2017) Novel Vesicle-Like Features Result from Ultrastructural Infolding in Thiomargarita spp.
Bailey J, Flood B, Hunter R & Delherbe N

(2015) Fossil Iron-Oxidizing Lithotrophs Preserved in Paleoproterozoic Phosphorites: Implications for Early Phosphogenesis
Crosby CH, Bailey JV & Sharma M

(2015) Apatitic Micronodules in Namibian Shelf Sediments: Mineralized Microbes or Diagenetic Precipitates?
Mänd K, Bailey J, Lepland A & Kirsimäe K

(2015) Meta-'omics and the Geobiology of Giant Sulfur Bacteria
Bailey J, Flood B, Jones D, Fliss P, Dick G & Jain S

(2014) Pearl in the Mud: Genome Assembly and Binning of a Cold Seep Thiomargarita Nelsonii Cell and Associated Epibionts from an Environmental Metagenome
Fliss P, Flood B, Jones D, Bailey J, Dick G & Jain S

(2014) Microbial Polyphosphate Metabolism: A 2 Billion-Year-Old Shunt in the Phosphorus Cycle?
Bailey J, Jones D & Crosby C

(2013) Microbial Phosphate Release from Marine Sediments: Transcriptomics and Geochemistry
Jones D, Flood B & Bailey J

(2013) Horizontal Gene Transfer in Phylogenetically-Distant Taxa that Induce the Formation of Modern Wrinkle Structures: Implications for the Interpretation of Earth’s Earliest Microbialites
Bailey J & Flood B

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