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All abstracts by Beat Frey in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Geochemical and Microbiological Gradients along Arctic Chronosequences
Wojcik R, Donhauser J, Holm S, Malard L, Holland A, Frey B, Wagner D, Pearce D, Anesio A, Hovelmann J & Benning LG

(2013) Role of Carboxylates Released by Microorganisms and Roots of Alpine Pioneer Plants in Mobilising Phosphorus and Metal Cations during Early Soil Formation
Luster J, Göransson H, Olde Venterink H, Brunner I & Frey B

(2009) Primary Microbial Succession in a Glacier Forefield
Zumsteg A, Brunner I, Furrer G, Plötze M & Frey B

(2009) Pioneering Fungi and their Role in Initial Weathering of Damma Glacier Forefield Granite in the Swiss Alps
Brunner I, Ploetze M, Zumsteg A, Furrer G & Frey B