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All abstracts by Fernando Alkmim in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) The Potential Influence of Mountain Belts on Ediacaran-Cambrian Ecosystems of Western Gondwana
Caxito F, Sperling EA, MacDonald F, Uhlein G, Cawood PA, Xiao S, Cui H, Pedrosa Soares A, Novo T, De Grave J, Roncato J, Uhlein A, Lana C, Santos L, Rangel C, Ross S, Halverson G, Tedeschi M, Alkmim F, Okubo J, Warren LV, Scholz R & Queiroga G

(2019) Do the Sedimentary Archives of the São Francisco and Amazonian Cratons Record Early Paleoproterozoic Glacial Events?
Rossignol C, Lana C, Siciliano E, Avila J, Alkmim F, Trindade R, Bacelar S & Philippot P

(2017) São Francisco–Congo Craton Breakup: Clues from U-Pb-Hf of Detrital Zircon in Neoproterozoic Metasediments of the Araçuaí Belt (SE Brazil)
Schannor M, Lana C, Fonseca M & Alkmim F

(2017) Post-Orogenic Hydrothermal Fluid-Flow in the Eastern São Francisco Craton: Implications for Ore Mineralization
Gonçalves G, Lana C, Buick I, Alkmim F & Scholz R

(2017) Metamorphism and Exhumation of Basement Gneiss Domes in the Quadrilatero Ferrifero, SE Brazil: Proterozoic Reworking of an Archean Dome-And-Keel Province
Cutts K, Lana C & Alkmim F

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