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All abstracts by Jose Manuel Astilleros in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) The Effect of Mg on the Caracteristics of Calcite Crystal Aggregates Grown in Biomimetic Gelatin Hydrogel Systems
Nindiyasari F, Griesshaber E, Fernández-Díaz L, Astileros JM, Sánchez-Pastor N, Ziegler A & Schmahl WW

(2013) Raman Spectrocopy Evidence for the ikaite-Calcite/Vaterite Transformation
Sánchez-Pastor N, Oehlerich M, Astilleros JM, Kaliwoda M, Mayr C, Schmahl WW & Fernández-Díaz L

(2013) Are the Anhydrite and Gypsum Carbonatation Pathways the Same?
Roncal-Herrero T, Bots P, Rodríguez-Blanco JD, Astilleros JM, Prieto M, Benning L & Fernández-Díaz L

(2013) Characterization of CaCO3 Poly-Morphs Grown in Silica Hydrogel in the Presence SO42- or CrO4<sup>2-</sup> by XAS
Astilleros JM, Göttlicher J, Sánchez-Pastor N, Steiniger R & Fernández-Díaz ML

(2013) Influence of Gelatin Hydrogel Porosity on the Formation of Calcite Mesocrystals
Nindiyasary F, Fernández-Díaz L, Griesshaber E, Astilleros JM, Sánchez-Pastor N & Schmahl WW

(2011) Macroscopic Anhydrite Interacted with Pb-Doped Solutions
Morales J, Astilleros JM, Jimenez A & Fernández-Díaz L

(2011) Assessment of the Nanoscopic Dissolution Rate of Basic Lead Carbonate (Hydrocerussite)
Katsikopoulos D, Godelitsas A & Astilleros J-M

(2011) Mobilization of Pb from Weathered Shots at a Firing Range in Athens, Greece
Argyraki A, Godelitsas A, Petrakaki N, Astilleros JM & Karageorgis A

(2009) Nanoscale Processes during the Interaction of Aluminosilicate and Carbonate Mineral Surfaces with Acid Mine Drainage (AMD)
Kollias K, Godelitsas A, Astilleros JM, Ladas S, Kennou S, Potamitis C, Zervou M, Lagoyiannis A, Harissopulos S & Mavromoustakos T

(2009) Nanoscale Study of the Growth of (010) Gypsum Surface in the Presence of Cr(VI)
Morales J, Fernandez-Diaz L & Astilleros JM

(2007) Interaction of Gypsum with Pb Bearing Aqueous Solutions
Astilleros JM, Rodriguez Blanco JD, Godelitsas A, Fernández Díaz L & Prieto M

(2007) Interaction of Calcite with Cr(III) and Evidence for Direct Inorganic Formation of Vaterite
Godelitsas A, Astilleros J-M, Hallam K, Wright K, Tomaschek F & Putnis A

(2007) The Replacement of Gypsum by CaCO3 Polymorphs: Reaction Steps and Formation of Pseudomorphs
Fernandez-Diaz L, Pina C, Astilleros JM & Sanchez-Pastor N

(2004) In situ AFM Study of the Thermal Dehydration of Gypsum
Jordan G & Astilleros J

(2002) Dissolution/precipitation Phenomena on Ca Carbonate Crystals Interacted with Pb2+ Ions in Aqueous Solutions
Godelitsas A, Astilleros J-M, Hallam K & Putnis A

(2002) Heterogeneity of Mineral Surfaces and its Role in Geochemical Surface Reactions
Putnis A, Astilleros J, Pina C & Putnis C

(2000) The Crystallisation of (Ca, Sr)CO3 on Calcite {10-14}surfaces: An AFM Study
Astilleros JM, Pina CM, Fernández-Díaz L & Putnis A

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