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All abstracts by Rui Bao in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Influences of Hydrodynamic Processes on Organic Geochemical Temperature Proxies’ Applications in a Shallow Marginal Sea
Xiao R, Bao R & Xing L

(2022) Environmental Conditions Control on Molecular Configurations of Isoprenoid Glycerol Dibiphytanyl Glycerol Tetraethers: Insight from Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Zhao S, Zhou L, Sun X, Xia S, Gao Z, Wang N & Bao R

(2018) Stable Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Compositions of Modern Land Snails along a Precipitation Gradient in East Asian Monsoon Region of China
Bao R & Sheng X

(2018) Effect of Oscillating Oxidative Environments on Microbial Degradation of Soil Organic Matter
Bao R, Mahmoudi N, Yao L, Balcom P, Sunderland E & Pearson A

(2017) Regional to Global-Scale Perspectives on Organic Carbon Burial in Continental Margin Sediments
Eglinton T, Bao R, Zhao M, Yu M, Ignatova A, McIntyre C, Haghipour N, van der Voort T & De Avelar S

(2016) Radiocarbon Constraints on Timescales of Particulate Organic Matter Transport over Continental Shelves
Bao R, Haghipour N, Wacker L, Montlucon D, Zhao M, McNichol A, Galy V & Eglinton T

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