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All abstracts by Michael E Brookfield in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Physical Geology and Chemo-Stratigraphy of the Mandakpal Valley Section in Kashmir, India during the Late Permian and Early Triassic Periods
Nye Jr SW, Stebbins A, Brookfield ME, Bhat G & Hannigan RE

(2018) Examining Paleo-Environmental Changes in the Permian Stratigraphy of Mount Jesmond, British Columbia
Brouillet J, Stebbins A, Nye S, Brookfield M & Hannigan R

(2016) Using Geochemical Techniques to Decipher Paleo-Environmental Changes Across the Permian-Triassic Extinction in Eastern Greenland
Nye Jr SW, Stebbins A, Brookfield ME, Piasecki S & Hannigan RE

(2016) Reconstruction of Bottom-Water Oxygenation Conditions in the Late Permian Neo-Tethys
Stebbins A, Williams J, Brookfield M & Hannigan R

(2015) The Early Triassic Sulfur Isotope Curve of Seawater Sulfate from Marine Carbonates in the Neo-Tethys
Stebbins A, Algeo T, Hart R, Krystyn L, Williams J, Brookfield M & Hannigan R

(2015) Characterizing the End-Permian Mass Extinction in the Neo-Tethys Through Organic Geochemistry
Hart R, Stebbins A, Brookfeild M, Williams J & Hannigan R

(2012) Origin of the Acidic Rocks of the Early Permian Panjal Traps, Kashmir, India
Shellnutt JG, Bhat GM, Wang K-L, Brookfield ME, Dostal J & Jahn B-M

(2012) Accounting for Post-Depositional Effects of a neo-Tethyan Permian-Triassic Section in the Himalayan Mountains
Williams J, Hannigan R, Basu A, Ghosh N & Brookfield M

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