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All abstracts by Cathrine Frandsen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Iron Speciation and Valence in the Upper 1 km of Fractured Crystalline Bedrock on the Baltic Shield
Yu C, Drake H, Dideriksen K, Frandsen C & Åström M

(2017) The Effect of Aluminium on Green Rust Sulphate Structure and Reactivity
Voigt L, Dideriksen K, Eiby SHJ, van Genuchten CM, Frandsen C, Jensen KMØ, Stipp SLS & Tobler DJ

(2017) Green Rust Synthesis and Reactivity Towards Dehalogenation in Presence of Glycine
Yin W, Huang L, Pedersen EB, Frandsen C, Strobel BW & Hansen HCB

(2013) Green Rust Sulphate – Making Space for Interlayer Cations
Christiansen BC, Katz A, Bovet N, Sørensen HO, Andersson MP, Nedel S, Frandsen C, Dideriksen K & Stipp SLS

(2013) Formation and Transformation of Nanocrystalline Iron Carbonate Precursors
Dideriksen K, Frandsen C, Bovet N, Wallace AF, Arbour T, DeYoreo J, Stipp SLS & Banfield JF

(2012) Non-Classical Pathways of Mineralization: Pre-Nucleation Clusters and Oriented Attachment
De Yoreo J, Wallace A, Li D, Nielsen M, Lee J, Banfield J & Frandsen C

(2012) Fluid Cell TEM Shows Direction-Specific Interactions Control Crystal Growth by Oriented Attachment
Li D, Nielsen M, Lee J, Frandsen C, Banfield J & De Yoreo J

(2012) The Possible Role of Crystal Conduction and Inter-Particle Electron Transfer in Fe-Oxide Phase Transformation and Growth
Dideriksen K, Gilbert B, Frandsen C, Zhu M, Stipp SLS & Banfield JF

(2011) The Influence of Local Cation-Distribution on the Magnetic Properties in Ilmenite-Rich α-Fe2O3-FeTiO3 Systems
Frandsen C & Mørup S

(2007) Green Rust Sodium/Potassium Sulfate
Christiansen BC, Balic-Zunic T, Frandsen C, Mørup S & Stipp SLS

(2005) Antiferromagnetic Nanoparticles
Frandsen C, Bahl C & Mørup S

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