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All abstracts by Roger Francois in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Measurement of Chromium Concentration and Stable Isotopic Ratios in Marine Particles
Baconnais I, Francois R, Holmden C, Soon M & Jaccard SL

(2020) Exploring a Diagenetic Overprint of Glacial-Interglacial Variations in Foraminiferal Nd Isotopic Composition
Patton G, Francois R & Weis D

(2020) An Experimental Investigation of the Acquisition of Nd by Authigenic Phases in Marine Sediment
Francois R, Patton G, Weis D, Hathorne E, Gutjahr M & Frank M

(2019) Particle Fluxes in the Twillight Zone: Application of Th-230 Normalization in the Northeast Pacific Water Column
Luo Y & Francois R

(2019) GEOTRACES: Inspired by GEOSECS to Investigate Trace Elements and their Isotopes in the Ocean
Anderson R, Francois R, Frank M, Henderson G, Jeandel C & Sharma M

(2019) Decadal Changes in Circulation and Particle Flux in the Amerasian Basins of the Arctic Ocean Inferred from the Water Column Distribution of Dissolved 230Th and 231Pa
Grenier M, Francois R, Soon M, Rutgers van der Loeff M, Yu X, Valk O, Not C, Moran B, Edwards L, Lu Y, Lepore K & Allen S

(2019) Cr Isotopes and the Attenuation of Cr(VI)-rich Runoff
Davidson A, Holmden C, Nomosatryo S, Henny C, Francois R & Crowe S

(2018) Ferruginous Conditions and the Collapse of the Early Cretaceous Seawater Sulphate Reservoir
Bauer K, Bottini C, Katsev S, Jellinek M, Francois R, Erba E & Crowe S

(2018) Investigation of Chromium Isotope Variability in the Canadian Arctic Archipelagos
Baconnais I, Holmden C & Francois R

(2018) Ocean Circulation and Land-Ocean Exchanges off the North Eastern Canadian Coasts as Told by Dissolved Geochemical Tracers
Grenier M, Francois R, Soon M, Baconnet I, Pham V & Jeandel C

(2018) Molybdenum Isotope Fractionation in a Seasonally Anoxic Fjord
King E, Amini M, Weis D, Francois R & Crowe S

(2017) Chromium Isotope Speciation in Seawater
Davidson A, Holmden C, Francois R & Crowe S

(2016) Chromium Isotope Variability in Modern Ocean
Baconnais I, Holmden C & François R

(2016) Molybdenum Isotope Fractionation in Saanich Inlet, British Columbia
Amini M, Weis D, Soon M & Francois R

(2016) Chromium Isotope Fractionation in Ferruginous Sediments
Bauer K, Gueguen B, Francois R, Planavsky N & Crowe S

(2015) Cr Isotope Variability in the Oceans: Implications for the Cr Isotope Proxy
Holmden C, Scheiderich K, Amini M & Francois R

(2015) The Removal and Redistribution of Chromium in Hydrothermal Vent Environments
Bauer K, Poulton S, Francois R & Crowe S

(2014) Introducing a New Technique to Distinguish between Surface and Transport Controlled Mineral Dissolution
De Baere B, Francois R & Mayer U

(2014) Introducing a Flow-Through Technique to Aid Predict Drainage Quality from Mine Waste: A Case Study
De Baere B, Francois R, Mayer U & Mattson B

(2014) Experimental Investigation of Si Isotope Fractionation during Dissolution of River Suspended Particulate Matter into Seawater
Estrade N, Phung A, Weis D, François R & Jeandel C

(2013) Measuring Mineral Dissolution Kinetics Using an Automated Flow-Through Module
De Baere B, Mayer U & Francois R

(2012) The Influence of Deep Water Circulation on the Distribution of 231Pa and 230Th in the Water Column and Sediments of the Pacific Ocean
Luo Y, Francois R & Allen S

(2011) Chromium Isotopes in Saanich Inlet Sediments and Waters
Scheiderich K, Holmden C & Francois R

(2011) An Atlantic Ocean Pa/Th Survey
Lippold J, Pichat S, Luo Y, Gherardi J-M & Francois R

(2008) Evolution of Deglacial North Pacific Abyssal Circulation Based on Δ14C, δ13C<sub>benthic</sub> And 231Pa/230Th
Jaccard S, Galbraith E, Francois R, Brunelle B, Sigman D & Haug G

(2008) Glacial-Interglacial Circulation Changes Inferred from Sediment 231Pa/230Th in the North Atlantic
Gherardi J, Francois R, Labeyrie L, Nave S, McManus J, Cortijo E & Jaccard S

(2008) Sediment 231Pa/230Th as a Recorder of the Rate of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning: Insights from a Simple 2-D Model
Luo Y, Francois R & Allen SE

(2008) Oxygen Isotope Analysis of Silicates Using Continuous Flow Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry
Kingston AW, Weis D & Francois R

(2008) Uranium Isotope Fractionation in Saanich Inlet
Holmden C, Amini M & Francois R

(2006) Particle Properties and Paleoceanographic Proxies
Eglinton T, Hwang J, Ohkouchi N, Francois R, Montlucon D & Manganini S

(2005) Geochemical Cycling of U, Re and Mo in Coastal Sediments
Morford J, Martin W, Kalnejais L, Francois R & Karle I

(2003) The Impact of Ocean Circulation on the Distribution and Transport of 230Th and 231Pa Produced by U Decay in Seawater: Modern and Paleoceanographic Applications
Francois R

(2002) Paleoproductivity Reconstruction: The on-Going Quest for a Quantitative Geochemical Tracer
Francois R

(2000) A High Resolution (231Pa/230Th)xs, 0 Profile from the Western Pacific Warm Pool over the Last Five Isotopic Stages
Pichat S, Albarede F, Beaufort L, Francois R & Sims KW

(2000) Foraminifera Stable Isotopes, Bulk Sedimentary 231Pa/230Th, and the Link between Thermohaline Circulation and Rapid Climate Oscillations
McManus J, Francois R & Marchal O

(2000) The Nutrient Status of the Southern Ocean during the Last Ice Age and its Links to the Global Ocean
Sigman D, Francois R, Altabet M & Lehman S

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