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All abstracts by Louis M. Francois in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2008) Are We Getting Close to a Mechanistic Description of Weathering in the Field?
Schott J, Goddéris Y, Roelandt C, Williams J, Brantley S, Pollard D & François L

(2007) Tracking Groundwater Contribution to Rivers by Combining Hydrogen Isotopes and Cation Concentrations
Bureau M, Carignan J, France-Lanord C & Francois L

(2007) Modelling Continental Weathering: From the Lab to the Field
Godderis Y, Schott J, Francois L, Dessert C & Dupre B

(2006) Evolution of paleoclimatic conditions and vegetation change in Himalaya from compound specific hydrogen and carbon analyses
Palhol F, Galy V, France-Lanord C, Faure P & François L

(2005) Basalt Weathering Laws and the Impact of Basalt Weathering on the Global Carbon Cycle
Dessert C, Dupré B, Gaillardet J, Goddéris Y, François L & Schott J

(2005) Modelling the Global Riverine U Fluxes to the Oceans
Riotte J, Goddéris Y, Chabaux F, Munhoven G, François L & Lorenz S

(2004) Numerical Modelling of Weathering at the Catchment Scale
Godderis Y, François L, Probst A & Schott J

(2004) Interactions between Vegetation and Rock Chemical Weathering: A Study with a Coupled Hydrological and Biogeochemical Model
François L, Bureau M, Carignan J, Dambrine E, France- Lanord C, Schott J, Pokrovsky O & Goddéris Y

(2002) Modelling Chemical Weathering at River Catchment Scale: Design and Calibration of the WiTCh Model
Probst A, Godderis Y, Francois L, Labat D, Schott J & Viville D

(2002) The Role of Basalt Chemical Weathering on the CO2 Cycle
Dupre B, Dessert C, François L, Godderis Y, Allegre CJ & Gaillardet J

(2002) Modelling the Cenozoic Evolution of Atmospheric CO2
François LM, Gaillardet J & Goddéris Y

(2002) Snowball Earth and Basaltic Traps
Godderis Y, Nedelec A, Donnadieu Y, Francois L, Grard A & Dupre B

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