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All abstracts by Ian A. Franchi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Apatite as a Tool for Understanding the Volatile Contents of Late-Stage Lunar Magmas
Potts NJ, van Westrenen W, Tartese R, Franchi IA, Barnes JJ & Anand M

(2015) Using H and Cl Isotopes to Constrain Lunar Magmatic Processes
Barnes J, Tartèse R, Anand M, Neal C, McCubbin F & Franchi I

(2013) A Common Origin for Terrestrial and Lunar Indigeneous Water
Anand M, Tartèse R, Barnes J, Franchi I & Starkey N

(2011) The Abiogenic Generation of Low δ13C Reservoirs in the Deep Earth
Mikhail S, Shahar A, Hunt SA, Verchovsky AB, Franchi IA, Basu S & Jones AP

(2002) The Oxygen Isotopic Composition of Water Extracted from CV Carbonaceous Chondrites
Baker L, Franchi I, Wright I & Pillinger C

(2002) Oxygen-17 Anomalies Generated by Thermal Decomposition of Carbonates
Miller MF, Thiemens MH, Jackson TL, Franchi IA & Pillinger CT

(2001) The Oxygen Isotopic Composition of Water Extracted from Carbonaceous Chondrites
Baker L, Franchi IA, Wright IP & Pillinger CT

(2000) A New Source of Mass Independent Fractionation of Oxygen Isotopes: Evidence and Geochemical Implications
Miller MF, Franchi IA & Pillinger CT

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