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All abstracts by Daniel Condon in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Pushing the Limits for in situ U-Series (U-Th) Geochronology in Carbonates
Scott PM, Sadekov A, Trotter J, Breitenbach S, de la Fuente M, Horstwood M, Condon D, Bickle M & McCulloch M

(2017) Oscillatory-Zoned Hematite: A Reliable U-Pb Mineral Geochronometer
Courtney-Davies L, Ciobanu C, Cook N, Verdugo-Ihl M, Tapster S, Condon D, Kennedy A, Ehrig K, Wade B & Gilbert S

(2017) Reconstruction of Past Seepage on Vestnesa Ridge off W’Svalbard Using Methane-Derived Authigenic Carbonate U-Th Geochronology
Himmler T, Sahy D, Hong W-L, Bohrmann G, Buenz S, Condon D & Lepland A

(2017) Resolving Lower Crustal Thermal Histories with U-Pb Thermochronology
Smye A, Seman S, Davis B, Roberts N & Condon D

(2017) High-Precision Geochronology of the Upper Ediacaran in South China: Implications for the Stratigraphic Correlation
Yang C, Li X-H, Zhu M & Condon D

(2016) U-Pb Geochronology of Fe-Oxides: LA-ICP-MS and SHRIMP Analysis
Courtney-Davies L, Kennedy A, Ciobanu C, Cook N, Ehrig K, Wade B, Condon D & Tapster S

(2016) Age and Long-Term Cooling Effect of Late Permian Emeishan LIP Volcanism
Yang J, Condon DJ, Yu X & Du Y

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