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All abstracts by John Coates in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Sulfidogenesis and Perchlorate Control: Novel Mesoscale Tank Experiment and Reactive Transport Modeling
Cheng Y, Wu Y, Wen H, Hubbard C, Tom L, Piceno Y, Engelbrektson A, Bill M, Anderson G, Coates J, Conrad M & Ajo-Franklin J

(2017) X-Ray Fluorescence Imaging and Spectroscopy with Sub-µm and Sub-100nm Spatial Resolution for Mineralogy and Geochemistry
Thieme J, Williams G, Chen-Wiegart Y-C, Bowerman B, Hurowitz J, Glotch T, Legett C, Schoonen M & Coates J

(2017) Underlying Mechanisms and Control of Oil Reservoir Souring
Coates J, Williamson A, Carlson H & Thieme J

(2016) Impacts of Perchlorate on Temporal Changes in Microbial Community Structure and Hydrocarbon Consumption in a Sulfidogenic Oil Reservoir Simulation
Shrestha P, Nowak J, Liu Y, Loutey D, Louie W, Goldstein A & Coates J

(2016) Extraterrestrial (Per)chlorate
Davila A, Jackson A, Sears D, Coates J, McKay C, Brundrett M, Estrada N & Bohlke JK

(2016) Perchlorate Mediated Adaptive Evolution of Desulfovibrio alaskensis G20
Mehta-Kolte M, Yongblut M, Redford S, Melnyk R, Gregoire P, Carlson H & Coates J

(2016) Isotopic Biofractionation of Perchlorate
Williamson A, Sturchio N, Heraty L, Huang L & Coates J

(2016) Mechanism of H2S Oxidation by Dissimilatory (Per)chlorate-Reducing Microorganism Azospira Suillum PS
Mehta-Kolte M, Loutey D, Wang O, Youngblut M & Coates J

(2016) Biochemical Requirements for Enzymatic Perchlorate Reduction: What Makes a Perchlorate Reductase a Perchlorate Reductase?
Youngblut M, Carlson H, Tsai C-L, Tainer J, Iavarone A & Coates J

(2016) Under Pressure: Dissimilatory Sulfate Reduction by Desulfovibrio alaskensis G20
Huang L, Williamson A, Carlson H & Coates J

(2016) High-Throughput Dissection of the Controls on Microbially Mediated Element Cycling: Nitrate Reduction as a Test Case
Carlson H, Coates J & Deutschbauer A

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