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All abstracts by Philip Fralick in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Mechanisms Controlling Archean Iron Formation Genesis in Shallow vs. Deep Water
Bielski P, Fralick P, Afroz M & Lalonde S

(2020) Fe Isotope and REE Signatures Through a Mesoarchean Carbonate Platform: New Data from the 2.94 Ga Red Lake Greenstone Belt (Canada)
Patry L, Fralick P, Sansjofre P, Homann M, Thomazo C, Afroz M & Lalonde S

(2020) Facies Control on Geochemistry of the Mesoarchean Carbonate Platform at Woman Lake (Canada)
Ramsay B, Fralick P, Bielski P, Patry L, Sansjofre P & Lalonde S

(2020) Clumped Isotope Geochemistry of Fe-Carbonates from the Gunflint Formation
Holme E, Henkes G, Rasbury T, Fralick P, Tosca N & Hurowitz J

(2020) Geochemical Evidence for Earth's First Snowball Event
Kurucz S, Fralick P & Lalonde S

(2020) New Constraints on Seawater Chemistry from Mesoarchean Carbonates, Canada
Liang L, Afroz M, Fralick P, Lalonde S, Ramsay B & Riding R

(2020) New Insights into Mesoarchean Photosynthesis from >2.8 Ga Carbonate Platforms of the Superior Craton
Lalonde S, Sansjofre P, Ramsay B, Patry L, Afroz M, Homann M & Fralick P

(2020) Fine-Grained Carbonates in Mid-Archean ‘Oxygen Oases’: Origins and Implications for CO2 Level
Riding R, Fralick P, Liang L, Afroz M, Lalonde S & Ramsay B

(2019) Paired Carbon Isotope Data for Carbonate and Organic Matter from Earth’s Oldest Carbonate Platform (2.94 ga Red Lake Greenstone Belt, Ontario, Canada)
Sansjofre P, Fralick P, Homann M, Afroz M, Earthbloom T & Lalonde S

(2017) New Method for D/H Measurements from Halite Fluid Inclusions. Clues to Ancient Hydrosphere?
Fourel F, Lecuyer C, Blamey N, Brand U & Fralick P

(2017) Insights into the Proterozoic Water Cycle: D/H Ratios of Water from Fluid Inclusions Trapped in Halite
Lécuyer C, Fourel F, Blamey N, Brand U & Fralick P

(2017) Oxygenation of the Neoproterozoic to Early Paleozoic Atmosphere and Ocean: Impact on Marine Life
Brand U, Blamey N, Meng F, Ni P, Parnell J, Lecuyer C, Benison K, Spear N & Fralick P

(2017) Preliminary Geochemical Data from Earth’s Oldest Carbonate Platform (2.94 Ga Red Lake Greenstone Belt, Canada)
Lalonde S, Sansjofre P, Homann M, Thoby M, Rigoussen D & Fralick P

(2017) An Expanded Molybdenum Isotope Dataset for Precambrian Stromatolitic Carbonates
Thoby M, Lalonde S, Fralick P, Sumner D, Visscher P & Konhauser K

(2017) Atmospheric and Oceanic Oxygen at 1.4 Ga Measured in Halite
Blamey N, Brand U, Fralick P, Lecuyer C, Benison K & Parnell J

(2015) Geochemistry and Sedimentology of a 1.4 Ga Playa System: Implications for the Paleoatmosphere
Metsaranta R & Fralick P

(2012) Steep Rock Carbonate Platform: An Early Marine Oxygen Oasis
Fralick P & Riding R

(2011) Chromium Enrichment in Iron Formations Record Earth’s First Acid Rock Drainage during the Great Oxidation Event
Konhauser K, Lalonde S, Planavsky N, Pecoits E, Lyons T, Mojzsis S, Rouxel O, Barley M, Rosiere C, Fralick P, Kump L & Bekker A

(2008) Geochemistry of Paleoproterozoic Gunflint Formation Carbonate: Implications for Early Hydrosphere-Atmosphere Evolution
Fralick P & Burton J

(2006) Insight into the variability within the Proterozoic sulphur cycle
Johnston D, Poulton SW, Fralick PW, Wing BA, Canfield DE & Farquhar J

(2004) Development of a Global Sulfidic Ocean at ~1.84 Ga: Evidence from Fe-S Systematics in the Rove Formation, Ontario
Poulton S, Canfield D & Fralick P

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