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All abstracts by Jiubin Chen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Recent Observations and Comprehension of Global even-Mif in Atmospheric Samples
Yuan S, Chen J & Hintelmann H

(2021) Mercury Isotope Compositions in Upper Mekong and Salween Rivers on the Tibetan Plateau
He S & Chen J

(2021) Mercury Isotopic Fractionation in Latosol Profile Developed from Strongly Weathered Basalt
Gao X, Zhang Y, Huang F, Chen J & Zheng W

(2021) Concentrations and Isotope Compositions of Particle-Bound Mercury in a Severe Haze Episode in Tianjin, China
Zhang K, Zheng W, Yuan S, Cai H, Au Yang D, Shuai W, Wang Z & Chen J

(2021) Recurrent Photic Zone Euxinia in Ediacaran South China Basin Revealed by Mercury Enrichment and Isotope Compositions
Zhou A, Nolan M, Sahoo S, Ostrander CM, Anbar A, Jones D, Xiao S, Chen J & Zheng W

(2021) Mercury Isotopes from the Pho Han Formation in Vietnam Show no Evidence for a Volcanic Trigger for the Devonian-Carboniferous Boundary
Zheng W, Zhang Y, Chen J & Carmichael S

(2021) On the Heterogeneity of POC Transport Mode in the Four Largest Chinese Rivers
Ke Y, Calmels D, Bouchez J, Massault M, Noret A, Cai H, Chetelat B, Chen J, Gaillardet J & Quantin C

(2021) Magnesium Isotope Fractionation during Natural Travertine Precipitation: An Example from Baishuitai System (Yunnan, SW China)
Liu JC & Chen J

(2021) Gallium Isotopes as an Effective Proxy for Continental Weathering: Insight from the Basaltic Latosol Profile
Yuan W, Chen J, Teng HH & Schott J

(2018) Mercury Isotopic Compositions in Water Column of Lake Systems
Chen J, Cai H, Liu Y, Hintelmann H & Zheng W

(2018) Diel Variation of Stable Isotope Ratios Record Photoreduction of PM2.5-bound Mercury
Huang Q, Chen J, Huang W, Reinfelder J, Fu P, Yuan S, Wang Z, Yuan W & Cai H

(2017) Impact vs Volcanism in the Cretaceous–Paleogene Boundary: Insights from Hg Chemostratigraphy and Hg Isotopes
Sial A, Chen J, Lacerda LD, Tewari V, Gaucher C, Frei R, Korte C, Cirilli S, Ferreira V, Barbosa JA & Pereira N

(2017) Gallium Isotope Analysis and Potential Application
Yuan W, Chen J, Birck J-L, Saldi GD & Schott J

(2017) Mercury Isotope Systematics in Aqueous Environment of the Tibetan Plateau
Chen J, Yuan S, Cai H & Wang Z

(2017) Isotopic Fractionation of Zinc between Calcite and Solution: Implication for Baishuitai Travertine Formation in SW China
Wang Z, Wang Z & Chen J

(2016) Mass-Independent Fractionation of Even Mercury Isotopes: An Enigma
Chen J, Cai H, Yuan S, Wang Z & Hintelmann H

(2016) Sequential Samples Revealing Significant Variation of Mercury Isotopes during Single Rainfall Events
Yuan S, Chen J, Huang Q, Wang Z, Cai H & Wang Z

(2016) Mercury Isotopic Fractionation during Natural Travertine Precipitation Under Different Hydrodynamic Conditions
Cai H, Chen J & Wang Z

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