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All abstracts by Aitor Cambeses in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Thermometry of Amphibole-Plagioclase Assemblages in Granitoids and Related Rocks: A Recalibration of the Calcic Amphibole-Plagioclase NaSi–CaAl Exchange Thermometer
Molina JF, Cambeses A, Moreno JA, Morales I, Montero P & Bea F

(2020) Mechanisms for Stabilisation of Baddeleyite in Thermally Shocked Zircon: Evidence from Zircon Annealing Experiments
Morales I, Molina JF, Montero P, Bea F & Cambeses A

(2020) Zircon Stability Grids in Partial Melts from Different Protoliths
Bea F, Montero P, Molina JF, Morales I & Cambeses A

(2020) Experimental Evidence for Oxygen Isotopes Diffusion in Zircon
Montero P, Bea F, Molina JF, Morales I & Cambeses A

(2020) Lifetime of Zircons in Mafic Melts: The Role of Melt Transfer and Storage Modes in the Mantle and Crust
Cambeses A, Chakraborty S, Dohmen R, Sessing J, Montero P & Bea F

(2019) Understanding the Genesis of Charnockites from an Early Archean Mafic Crust: A Case Study from Coorg Massif, S. India
Basak S, Cambeses A & Chakraborty S

(2017) Deciphering the Geodynamic Significance of Mantle and Crustal Sources Tapped during Orogenesis. SHRIMP U-Pb Ages and Oxygen Isotopes in Zircon from the Brovales Pluton, Ossa-Morena Zone, SW Iberia
Cambeses A, Scarrow JH, Montero P, Hyppolito T, Molina JF & Bea F

(2017) Garnet Replacement Processes during the Amphibolitization of Eclogites
Hyppolito T, Cambeses A, Angiboust S & Raimondo T

(2016) Fluid-Rock Interaction in the Subduction Environment: Tremolitite-Veins and Associated Blackwalls in Subducted Atg-Serpentinite (Central Cuba)
Butjosa L, Garcia-Casco A, Proenza JA, Blanco-Quintero IF & Cambeses A

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