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All abstracts by Jennifer L. Druhan in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Imaging the Effects of CO2 Injection on Fluid Transport Properties in Sandstone Using Positron Emission Tomography
Davila G, Gholizadeh MA, Dobrucki LW, Dobrucka I & Druhan JL

(2019) Rock Respiration: Sub-Soil Carbon Oxidation in the Unsaturated Bedrock of a Forested Hillslope
Druhan J, Tune A, Wang J, Lawrence C & Rempe D

(2017) Silicon Isotopic Reequilibration during Amorphous Silica Precipitation and Implications for Critical Zone Processes
Fernandez N, Gaillardet J & Druhan J

(2017) Geochemical and Structural Alterations by CO2-rich Brine Transport Through Mt. Simon Reservoir Core Under Supercritical CO2 Conditions
Davila G, Zahasky C, Benson SM, Crandall DM, Werth CL & Druhan JL

(2017) A New Age of Radiocarbon: Reactive Transport Models as a Tool for Assessing Soil Carbon Cycling
Lawrence C, Druhan J, Heckman K & Berhe A

(2017) A Reactive Transport Model for the Isotopic Patterns Recording Uranium Accumulation and Mobiliy
Druhan J & Jemison N

(2016) Ca Isotopic Constraints on Marine Carbonate Recrystallization Rates: Implications for Geochemical Proxies
Fantle MS, Huber C & Druhan JL

(2016) A Reactive Transport Model Including Low Soil Moisture Limitations on Soil Carbon Respiration
Liu Y, Druhan J, Sanford R, Lawrence C, Winnick M & Maher K

(2016) A New Rayleigh Model for Fractionation in Subsurface Flow
Druhan J & Maher K

(2016) Reactive Transport Processes Across a Spectrum of Subsurface Interfaces
Maher K, Druhan J, Winnick M, Caers J & Yang G

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