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All abstracts by James De Yoreo in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Behavior of Water in a Lipid-Clay Film
Kessenich B, Pokhrel N, Nakouzi E, Newcomb C, Flury M, Maibaum L & De Yoreo J

(2018) An in situ Look at Water, Ions and Forces at Mineral Surfaces and in Confinement
De Yoreo J, Kerisit S, Tuladhar A, Zhang X, Sushko M, Zhang S, Li D, Chun J, Wang Z, Nakouzi E & Rosso K

(2018) Phospholipid Influence on the Water Repellency of the Clay Montmorillonite
Kessenich B, Pokhrel N, Maibaum L & De Yoreo J

(2018) Correlating Mineral-Water Interface Structure to Particle Interactions and Emergent Phenomena
Chun J, Nakouzi E, Soltis J, Legg B, Schenter G, Zhang X, Graham T, Rosso K, Anovitz L & De Yoreo J

(2018) Atomic-Scale Distribution of Uranium during Iron Oxide Mineral Growth
Soltis J, McBriarty M, Spurgeon S, De Yoreo J & Ilton E

(2018) Carbonate Ion Concentration as a Master Variable in the Formation of Geological and Biological CaCO3
Dove P, Mergelsberg S, Han N, De Yoreo J & Rimstidt D

(2018) Observing Nucleation Fluctuations with in situ AFM
Legg B, Mundy C, Baer M & De Yoreo J

(2018) The Mg-Dependent Solubility and Local Structure(s) of Amorphous Calcium Carbonate (ACC)
Mergelsberg S, De Yoreo J, Michel M, Rimstidt D & Dove P

(2017) From Ions to Islands: An Atomic Scale Study of Gibbsite Nucleation on Muscovite
Legg B, Trewby W, Voïtchovsky K & De Yoreo J

(2017) Uranium Uptake and Redistribution during Phase Transformation and Oriented Attachment of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
Soltis J, McBriarty M, Qafoku O, Spurgeon S, Buck E, De Yoreo J & Ilton E

(2017) The Impact of Additives on Crystallization of Amorphous CaCO3
Liu Z, Wang Z, Zhang Z, Jin B, Li D, Tao J, Tang R & De Yoreo J

(2016) Probing Stabilization Mechanisms at the Soil Organic-Mineral Interface at the Molecular Length Scale
Newcomb C, Grate J, Qafoku N, Browning N, Hufschmid R & De Yoreo J

(2016) The Nanoscale Forces Behind Crystallization by Oriented Aggregation
Rosso K, Zhang X, Sushko M, Shen Z, Kerisit S, Li D, Chun J, Bowden M, Engelhard M, Liu J, Mundy C & De Yoreo J

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