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All abstracts by Sarah Feakins in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Plant Wax Evidence for Monsoon Precipitation and the Expansion of C4 Ecosystems in the Late Miocene
Feakins S, Vidal E, Cho P, Wu MS, Ponton C & Galy V

(2018) Southern California Hydroclimate over the Last 150 kyrs: New Results from the Searles and Death Valley Basins
McGee D, Olson K, Stroup J, Chen CY, Lowenstein T, Smoot J, Janick J, Lund S, Peaple M, Feakins S, Serrato Marks G & Litwin R

(2017) Observing Biodegradation of Complex Organic Substrates by Site-Specific Isotopic Analyses
Lloyd M, Trembath-Reichert E, Feakins S, Schimmelmann A, Mastalerz M, Sessions A & Eiler J

(2017) Late Cenozoic Climate and Carbon-Cycle Dynamics from the Arabian Sea (IODP 355)
Newton K, Bendle J, Edgar K, Liddy H, Feakins S, Clift P, Tauxe L, Kulhanek D, Scardia G, Warny S & Anand P

(2017) Mio-Pliocene Variations of the Indian Monsoon Recorded in the Bengal Fan (IODP Exp354)
Galy V, Feakins S, Ponton C, Galy A & France-Lanord C

(2016) A 30ka Hydroclimatic Record from the Pamir
Aichner B, Mischke S, Pausata F, Zhang Q, Heinecke L, Feakins S, Sachse D, Mahmoudov Z & Rajabov I

(2016) Transport of Soil Organic Carbon in the Upper Catchment of the Amazon River Traced by Branched GDGTs
Kirkels F, Ponton C, Feakins S, West J & Peterse F

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