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All abstracts by Mojtaba Fakhraee in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Enhanced Marine Biological Carbon Pump as a Trigger for Early Mississippian Marine Anoxia and Climatic Cooling
Zhang F, Pohl A, Elrick M, Swart P, Cheng K, Crockford PW, Fakhraee M, Lin Y, Cao M, Wei G, Li N & Shen S

(2020) Ecological Adaptation Moderates the Temperature-Sensitivity of the Biological Carbon Pump
Gaskell D, Fakhraee M, Planavsky N & Hull P

(2020) Sulfide, Sulfite, and Sulfate Production from Organic Sulfur in Archean Oceans and Modern Lakes
Katsev S, Fakhraee M, Hyde E, Petersen M, Sheik C & Schreiner K

(2020) Sulfur Cycling during Burial Diagenesis in Marine Carbonates
Jiang L, Fakhraee M & Cai C

(2018) Sub-Mm Levels of Sulfate and Inefficient AOM in Proterozoic Oceans
Fakhraee M, Hancisse O, Canfield DE, Crowe SA & Katsev S

(2018) Low Sulfate Systems: Does Organic Sulfur Affect Isotopic Fractionations?
Fakhraee M, Crowe SA, Toner BM & Katsev S

(2018) Microbes and Minerals from Two Ferruginous Lakes on a Spectrum of Physical and Chemical Characteristics
Swanner E, Lambrecht N, Fakhraee M, Sheik C, Katsev S & Wittkop C

(2016) Does Organic Sulfur Make a Significant and Overlooked Contribution to Sedimentary S Cycling in Low Sulfate Environments?
Katsev S, Fakhraee M, Li J, Schreiner K & Sheik C

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