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All abstracts by Stephen F. Foley in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Recommended Trace Element Partitioning Data for Melting of Hydrous Pyroxenites and Glimmerites
Foley SF, Ezad IS, Shu C, Ramokgaba L, Wang C, Phillips M & Manselle P

(2023) Calcium Isotope Constraints on the Mantle Sources of Volatile-Rich Alkaline Magmas
Chen C, Foley SF, Liu Y & Tappe S

(2023) Did Modern-Style Plate Processes Operate during Early Earth? Insights from P-T-T History of the Archean Crust from Singhbhum Craton, Eastern India
Chattopadhyay S, Foley SF, Whattam SA & Pandey OP

(2023) Lost in Subduction: Nitrogen Mobility in Fluids Indicates its Low Recycling Efficiency in Cold Slabs
Förster MW, Chen C, Foley SF, Alard O & Yaxley GM

(2023) Genesis of Small-Volume Alkali-Tholeiitic Basalts: Implications for the Geochemical Continuum of Intraplate Basalts
Xie Q, Zhang Z, Foley SF, Chen C, Cheng Z, Wang Y, Kong W, Lv Y, Jin Q, Krmíček L, Zhu X-K & M S

(2023) Incipient Carbonate Melting Drives Precious Metal and Sulfur Mobilisation in the Mantle
Ezad IS, Saunders M, Shcheka SS, Fiorentini M, Gorojovsky LR, Förster MW & Foley SF

(2023) Heterogeneous Magma Sources of the Nagaland Ophiolite Mafic Rocks, Northeast India: Implications from Whole Rock and Clinopyroxene Phase in situ Geochemistry
Wangjam M, Maibam B & Foley SF

(2023) Apatite Stability and Partitioning in Silicate Melts
Manselle P, Foley SF & Shcheka SS

(2023) Kamafugites and Kamafugites: A Comparison of the Ugandan, Brazilian and Italian Variants
Innocenzi F, Agostini S, Foley SF, Ronca S & Lustrino M

(2022) Trace Element Partitioning between Phlogopite, Apatite, Amphibole and Silicate Melts in High-Pressure Experiments
Ezad IS & Foley SF

(2022) Major and Trace Element Compositions of Partial Melts of Hydrous Pyroxenites and their Relationship to Volcanism and Mantle Evolution
Foley SF, Ezad IS, van der Laan S & Shu C

(2022) Application of Ge/Si Ratios to Ultramafic Alkaline Rocks Using a Novel LA-Icp-Qqq-Ms Method
Phillips M, Alard O & Foley SF

(2022) Modification of Harzburgite to K-Rich Dolomite-Bearing Peridotite from the Kaapvaal Craton, South Africa: Evidence of Metasomatism by Carbonate-Silicate Incipient Melts
Ramokgaba L, Foley SF & Howarth GH

(2022) Olivine, Let’s Talk About the Elephant in the Mantle Room
Alard O, Veter M, Ananuer H, Demouchy S, Foley SF & O'Reilly SY

(2022) Ineffective Contribution of Copper from Subducted Pacific Oceanic Slabs to Mantle Wedge with Progressive Subduction
Wang Z, Zhang P, Li Y, Ishii T, Li W, Foley SF & Wang X

(2022) Gold Endowment of the Metasomatized Lithospheric Mantle for Giant Gold Deposits: Insights from Mafic Magmatism
Wang X, Wang Z, Foley SF, Wang Yan C, Ma L & Cai Y-C

(2022) Natural Evidence for Primitive Alkaline Basalts Sourced from Carbonate-Bearing Eclogite
Zou Z, Wang Z, Foley SF, Xu R, Geng X, Liu Y-N, Liu Y & Hu Z-C

(2022) New Constraints on the Origin of the Eastern Australian Potassic Suite Based on Whole Rock and Mineral Analyses
Lanati AW, Shea JJ, Berndt J, Rohrbach A, Klemme S & Foley SF

(2022) Experimental Melting of a Hydrous Websterite Source: Constraints on the Genesis of Cenozoic Leucitites in Eastern Australia
Shu C, Foley SF, Shea JJ, Lanati AW, Ezad IS, Daczko NR & Shcheka SS

(2022) The Eastern Australian Volcanic Province, its Primitive Melts, Constraints on Melt Sources and the Influence of Mantle Metasomatism
Shea JJ, Ezad IS, Lanati AW & Foley SF

(2021) Oxidization of the Mantle Caused by Recycling of Sedimentary Carbonates may Contribute to the Formation of Iron-Rich Mantle Melts
He D, Liu Y, Chen C, Foley SF & Ducea M

(2021) Petrology and Geochemistry of the Eastern Australian Leucitites
Lanati AW, Shea JJ & Foley SF

(2021) The Mantle Source of the Eastern Australian Leucitites: Evidence from Whole Rock and Olivine Compositions (and Why the Olivine Compositions do Matter)
Shea JJ, Lanati AW, Ezad IS, Özaydin S & Foley SF

(2021) Compositions of Partial Melts of Hydrous Pyroxenites in the Cratonic Mantle Lithosphere and their Implications for Alkaline Magma Sources
Foley SF & Ezad IS

(2021) Calcium Isotope Compositions and Fractionation in the Mantle and Oceanic Crust
Chen C, Foley SF, Wang Z & Liu Y

(2021) Petrological Confirmation of Lithosphere Thermally Eroded by Asthenospheric Flow beneath the NE Margin of the Tibetan Plateau
Shu C, Long X, Foley SF & Yu K

(2021) LA-ICP-MS Signal Enhancement by Hydrogen Gas Addition to Carrier Gasfor the Analysis of Ultra-Trace Elements in Olivine and Orthopyroxene
Veter M, Alard O & Foley SF

(2021) Distribution of Fluorine between Phlogopite, K-Richterite, Apatite and Lamproitic Melt in High-Pressure Experiments
Ezad IS & Foley SF

(2021) Photo-Induced Force Microscopy (PiFM): A New Technique at the (Bio)Mineralogist’s Fingertips
Otter LM, Förster MW, Belousova E, O’Reilly P, Nowak D, Park S, Clark S, Foley SF & Jacob D

(2019) Mantle Metasomatism, Oxidation and Kimberlite Magma Genesis
Yaxley G & Foley S

(2019) Lithospheric Mantle of North China Craton is Instinctly Rich in Gold?
Wang Z, Cheng H, Zong K, Liu Y, Yang J, Wu F & Foley S

(2019) Reaction of Subducted Sediment with Peridotite Produces Saline Fluid Inclusions in Diamonds
Forster M, Foley S, Marschall H, Alard O & Buhre S

(2019) Improved LA-ICP-MS Analytical Routine for Low-Concentration Chalcophile and Siderophile Elements in Olivine and Orthopyroxene
Veter M, Foley SF & Alard O

(2019) Experimental Characterization of Mantle Wedge-Metasomatism by Sediment-Peridotite Reaction in Subduction Zones
Foley S, Foerster M, Bussweiler Y, Prelevic D & Daczko N

(2019) Indicators of Craton-Edge Mantle Processes in Phenocrystic Olivines of Eastern Australian Basaltic Rocks
Shea J & Foley S

(2019) Focussed Degassing of Stored Carbon
Fischer TP, Muirhead J, Foley SF, Sano Y, Lee H, Takahata N, Laizer A, Kazimoto E, Oliva S, Ebinger C, Van Wijk J, Werner C, Aiuppa A, Allard P, Lopez T, Dufek J & Marty B

(2018) Olivine, Kimberlites and the Modification of Carbonated Melts in the Deep Earth
Giuliani A, Soltys A, Lim E, Farr H, Phillips D, Foley SF & Griffin WL

(2018) Mantle Recycling of Sedimentary Carbonate along the Northern Margin of the North China Craton
Liu Y, Foley SF, Chen C, He D & Zong K

(2018) Heavy δ30Si in Archean Granitoïds as Evidence for Supracrustal Components in their Sources
André L, Abraham K, Foley S & Hofmann A

(2017) Carbonated Sediment Recycling and its Contribution to Lithospheric Refertilization Under the Northern North China Craton
Chen C, Liu Y, Foley SF & Ducea MN

(2017) Constraining the Age of Peak Metamorphism and Exhumation in the Nagaland Ophiolite Complex (Northeast India) Using Dynamically Recrystallized Carbonate Veins
Maibam B, Palin R, Gerdes A, White R & Foley S

(2017) Partitioning of Nitrogen during Partial Melting of Phlogopite-Rich Metasomes
Foerster M, Prelevic D, Buhre S & Foley S

(2017) Deciphering the Unique Th/La Enigma in Alpine-Himalayan Orogenic Belt K-Rich Rocks
Wang Y, Prelević D, Buhre S & Foley S

(2015) Identifying the Origin of Olivines in Ultramafic Lamprophyres from Labrador, Canada, by Minor and Trace Elements
Veter M, Foley S & Prelevic D

(2015) Low-Ni Olivine from Silica-Undersaturated Ultrapotassic Rocks as Evidence for Carbonate Metasomatism in the Mantle
Ammannati E, Jacob DE, Avanzinelli R, Foley SF & Conticelli S

(2015) Lawsonite Blueschists in Recycled Mélange Involved in K-Rich Orogenic Magmatism
Wang Y, Prelević D, Foley S, Buhre S & Galer S

(2015) Analytical and Experimental Study of Post-Collisional Volcanism in the Alpine-Himalayan Belt
Prelevic D, Schmück H, Buhre S, Yu W & Foley S

(2015) Composition and Characterisation of Chromites, Alloys and Sulphide Inclusions from the Indo-Myanmar Ophiolite Belt of Northeastern India
Maibam B, Foley SF, Jacob DE, Singh TB, Ray D & Panda D

(2015) The Important Role of Incipient Melting in the Compositional and Petrological Evolution of the Mantle
Foley S & Yaxley G

(2014) Super-Reducing Assemblages in Mantle Xenoliths: Evidence for Marine Carbonate Recycling
He D, Liu Y, Gao C, Foley S, Hu Z, Zong K, Schmidt MW & Gao S

(2013) Os-Isotopes Constraints on the Dynamics of Orogenic Mantle: The Case of Central Balkans
Prelević D, Brügmann G, Barth M, Božović M, Cvetković V & Foley S

(2013) Trace Elements in Olivine Characterize the Mantle Source of Subduction-Related Potassic Magmas
Ammannati E, Foley S, Avanzinelli R, Jacob D & Conticelli S

(2013) Time-Related Changes in the Si Isotopic Composition of Palaeo- to Mesoarchaean Granitoids
Abraham K, Foley S, Hofmann A, Cardinal D & André L

(2013) Lawsonite as a Potential Repository of Th and REE in Subduction Zones: Blueschists from Tavşanlı (Turkey)
Wang Y, Prelević D, Foley S, Buhre S, Johnson T & Häger T

(2011) Craton Destabilization and Alkaline Magmatism in Equatorial East Africa
Tiberindwa J, Link K, Barifaijo E & Foley S

(2011) Linking Early Atmospheric Composition to Volcanic Degassing from a Reduced Mantle
Foley S & Eremets M

(2011) Cloud Processing Measured with Sulfur Isotopes during HCCT 2010
Harris E, Sinha B, Hoppe P, Crowley J, Borrmann S, Foley S, Gnauk T, Van Pinxteren D & Herrmann H

(2010) Trace Elements in Olivines as Probes of Parental Melt Compositions in the Western Rift of East Africa
Foley S, Jacob D & O'Neill H

(2010) Trace Elements in Mantle Olivine and Orthopyroxene from the North Atlantic and Kaapvaal Cratons
Rehfeldt T, Foley SF, Jacob DE & Pearson DG

(2010) Arc Peridotite, Eclogite and Tonalite: A Trio of Ingredients for Craton Assembly
Jacob D, Prelevic D, Rehfeldt T, Buhre S & Foley S

(2009) The Renaissance of Redox Melting
Foley S

(2009) The Origin of Palaeoarchaean Silicification Inferred from Coupled Si-O Isotopes
Abraham K, Cardinal D, Hofmann A, Foley S, Harris C & André L

(2009) Delayed Continental Crust Formation on a Hot Archaean Earth
Buhre S, Jacob D & Foley S

(2007) Si Isotopes as a Clue for Understanding Eoarchaean Silicifications
Abraham K, Opfergelt S, Cardinal D, Hofmann A, Foley S & André L

(2007) Interactions between Carbonate Magmas and MARID Metasomes: The Case of Diamondiferous Aillikites from the Torngat Mountains, Canada
Tappe S, Foley S, Heaman L, Romer R, Stracke A, Kjarsgaard B & Jenner G

(2007) No Need for Involvement of a Hidden Mantle Reservoir in the Origin of Lamproites from Mediterranean
Prelevic D, Foley S, Stracke A, Romer R & Conticelli S

(2007) Trace Element Partitioning in the Granulite Facies
Nehring F, Foley S & Hölttä P

(2007) Characterizing Fe-Rich Dunite Xenoliths as Cumulates of Phanerozoic and Archaean Flood Basalt Magmatism
Rehfeldt T, Foley SF, Jacob DE & Carlson RW

(2006) The contribution of ultramafic veins in alkaline and non-alkaline mafic magmatism
Foley SF

(2006) Re-enrichment of cratonic lithospheric mantle beneath an evolving rift: mantle xenoliths from East Antarctica
Jacob DE, Foley SF & Andronikov AV

(2006) Ugandan kamafugites: Re-melting of a variable enriched veined subcontinental lithospheric mantle
Rosenthal A, Foley SF, Pearson GD, Nowell G & Tappe S

(2006) Restoration of premetasomatic protolith compositions in mantle xenoliths
Rehfeldt T, Foley S & Jacob D

(2004) Dunite-Pyroxenite Xenoliths from South African Kimberlites: Former Cumulates of Archean Oceanic Crust?
Rehfeldt T, Foley S & Jacob D

(2002) Experimental Evidence for Shallow Recycling of Ocean Crust in the Archean Earth
Buhre S, Jacob D & Foley S

(2002) Zero Eclogites – Half Way between Shallow Mantle and Deep Crustal Origins
Schmickler B, Jacob D & Foley S

(2002) Trace Element Partitioning Evidence for Growth of Early Continental Crust from Amphibolites, not Eclogites
Foley S, Tiepolo M & Vannucci R

(2001) Trace Element Partitioning during Melting of Subducting Ocean Crust
Foley SF, Tiepolo M, Vannucci R & Barth MG

(2001) The Role of Rutile as a Major Carrier for the Extended HFSE Group (Nb, Ta, W, Sb, Sn and Mo) in High Pressure Rocks
Zack T, Kronz A, Foley SF & Rivers T

(2000) What Governs the Origin of the Slab Component in Subducting Oceanic Crust? Insights from Trace Element Distribution in Deformed and Massive Eclogites
Zack T, Rivers T & Foley SF

(2000) Sanidine and Orthopyroxene Bearing Eclogite Xenoliths from the Zero Kimberlite Pipe
Schmickler B, Jacob D & Foley S

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