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All abstracts by Theodore Flynn in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Microbial Community Development Under Iron-Reducing Conditions in Wetland Sediment Microcosms Amended with Electron Shuttles
Flynn T, Sladek M, Jensvold Z, Marshall C, Antonopoulos D, Koval J, Kemner K & O'Loughlin E

(2017) PH as a Control on Interactions of Methanogens and Iron Reducers
Marquart K, Paper J, Haller B, Shodunke G, Flynn T, Jin Q & Kirk M

(2017) Microbial CO2 Production at the Greenland Ice Sheet Margin
Andrews G, Jacobson A, Osburn M & Flynn T

(2015) Reduction of Sb(V) by Coupled Biotic-Abiotic Processes Under Sulfidogenic Conditions
Boyanov M, Johnson C, Antonopoulos D, Flynn T, Koval J, Kemner K & O'Loughlin E

(2014) Microbial Response to Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Uranium, Iron, Sulfur in Ethanol-Amended Sediments
Flynn T, Boyanov M, Skinner K, Kelly S, Wu W-M, Criddle C, Yan F, Marsh T, O'Loughlin E & Kemner K

(2013) The Reduction of Elemental Sulfur by Metal-Reducing Bacteria Under Alkaline Conditions
Flynn T, O'Loughlin E & Kemner K

(2012) Resilience of Bacterial Communities in a Pristine Aquifer Despite Changes in the Availability of Sulfate
Flynn T, Sanford R, Santo Domingo J, Ashbolt N, Levine A & Bethke C

(2010) Gene Expression of Dissimilatory Sulfite Reductase in Desulfovibrio vulgaris as a Marker for the Rate of Sulfate Reduction in Natural Systems
Strattan D, Sanford R, Flynn T & Bethke C

(2010) Groundwater Chemistry and the Active Bacterial Community in a Pristine Confined Aquifer
Flynn T, Sanford R & Bethke C

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