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All abstracts by Matthew Horstwood in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Discovery of a Complex, Chemically and Isotopically Zoned Detrital Zircon from NWA 7533 – Insights into Crust-Mantle Evolution on Mars
Egdalen SAF, Whitehouse MJ, Horstwood M, Nemchin AA, Connelly JN & Bizzarro M

(2021) Pushing the Limits for in situ U-Series (U-Th) Geochronology in Carbonates
Scott PM, Sadekov A, Trotter J, Breitenbach S, de la Fuente M, Horstwood M, Condon D, Bickle M & McCulloch M

(2019) Paleoceanographic and Mineral Resource Applications of Pb and Nd Isotope Records in Fe-Mn Crusts
Josso P, Lusty P, Horstwood M & Murton B

(2019) Every Atom Counts: High-Precision U-Isotope Analysis on Nanogram Quantities of U from Geoenvironmental Materials
Banks L, Horstwood M, Tapster S, Chenery S, Smith D & Barry T

(2019) Nutrient Cycling in Lake Baikal: The World’s Oldest and Deepest Lake
Swann G, Panizzo V, Mackay A, Vologina E & Horstwood M

(2019) Synthesis of U and Pb-Doped Calcite: A Novel Reference Material for in situ U–Pb Dating of Carbonates
Miyajima Y, Saito A, Kagi H, Yokoyama T, Hirata T, Roberts N & Horstwood M

(2017) Seasonal Variations in Silicon Concentrations and δ30Si Signatures at a Tropical Estuary: Matang, Malaysia
Panizzo V, Yong YL, Zakaria R, McGowan S, Moorhouse H, Chong VC, Pashley V & Horstwood M

(2017) Crustal Evolution in the Yilgarn Craton: Detrital Chromite from Jack Hills
Staddon L, Parkinson I, Horstwood M & Elliott T

(2017) Integrating Uncertainty Estimation Practices in SHRIMP and LA-ICP-MS U-Pb Geochronology
Horstwood M & Cross A

(2017) Developing a Stratigraphy for Ferromanganese Crusts from Tropic Seamount, North East Atlantic
Josso P, Lusty P, Chenery S, Horstwood M, Rushton J & Murton B

(2017) Timing and Source of Rare Earth Element Mineralisation in the Ditrău Alkaline Igneous Complex (DAIC), Romania
Shaw RA, Goodenough KM, Roberts NMW, Honour VC, Horstwood MSA, Lenz C & Broom-Fendley S

(2016) New Developments in Low Volume Sample Introduction for ICP-MS
Winship P, Williams N & Horstwood M

(2016) Combining Microstructural and Isotopic Analysis of Baddeleyite to Unravel Solar System Bombardment
White L, Darling J, Moser D, Reinhard D, Horstwood M, Bullen D, Barker I, Prosa T, Olson D, Larson D, Clifton P, Lawrence D & Martin I

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