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All abstracts by Marc Hirschmann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Primordial Magma Ocean Outgassing on Earth and Mars Recorded in D/H
Pahlevan K, Schaefer L & Hirschmann M

(2019) Exosphere H2O/Ce, CO2/Nb, and CO2/Ba and Deep Earth Volatile Cycles
Hirschmann M

(2019) Devolatilization of Planetesimals Viewed from C/S Versus C Relations
Hirschmann M, Li J, Bergin T, Ciesla F & Blake G

(2018) Carbon Volatility and the Implications for Carbon Supply to Terrestrial Worlds
Bergin E, Li J, Blake G, Ciesla F & Hirschmann M

(2018) Storage of C in Olivine and Carbonated Melting in the MORB Source Region
Hirschmann M, Armstrong L & Hauri E

(2018) Ferric Iron Partitioning between Pyroxene and Melt during Partial Melting of the Earth's Upper Mantle
Rudra A & Hirschmann M

(2017) Experimental Investigation of the Affect of Pressure on the Oxidation State of a Terrestrial Magma Ocean
Zhang H, Hirschmann M, Walter M, Lord O & Cottrell E

(2016) C/N Fractionation during Mantle-Core Differentiation
Dalou C, Hirschmann M, Mosenfelder J, Von der Handt A & Armstrong L

(2016) Hydrogen in Olivine – How it Influences Properties and Where it Resides in the Crystalline Structure
Kohlstedt D & Hirschmann M

(2016) Redox Gradients in Metal-Saturated Magma Oceans
Hirschmann M & Zhang H

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