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All abstracts by Gideon M. Henderson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Barium Isotopes in South Atlantic Sediment Pore Waters
Hsieh Y-T, Bridgestock L, Homoky WB & Henderson GM

(2018) Redox Cycling Control on the Cadmium-Isotope Composition of Waters, Porewaters, and Sediments in the Saanich Inlet
Bryan A, Dickson A, Sorensen J, Porcelli D, Van Den Boorn S & Henderson G

(2018) Iron Fuels Vast Phytoplankton Bloom along 40°South in the Atlantic Ocean
Schlosser C, Henderson G, Tagliabue A, Klar JK, Woodward EMS & Achterberg EP

(2018) End of Green Sahara Responsible for Monsoon Failure and Societal Shifts in Mainland Southeast Asia
Griffiths M, Johnson K, Pausata F, White J, Yang H, Henderson G & Conrad C

(2018) Isotopic Constraints on the Molybdenum Cycle in the Late Cretaceous
Dickson A, Sweere T, Ruhl M, Murphy M, Jenkyns H, Idiz E, Porcelli D, Henderson G, van den Boorn S & Eldrett J

(2017) Controls on the Cadmium-Isotope Composition of Modern Marine Sediments
Bryan A, Dickson A, Henderson G, Porcelli D, Slomp C, Homoky W, Dowdall F & Van Den Boorn S

(2017) Speleothem Trace Element Responses over the Last Deglaciation and Holocene in Northern Laos
Wood C, Johnson K, Griffiths M & Henderson G

(2017) Barium Isotope Variations Across the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum
Bridgestock L, Hsieh Y-T, Henderson GM & Porcelli D

(2017) Effect of Thermal Alteration on the Preservation of Molybdenum- and Zinc-Isotope Palaeoproxies in Organic-Rich Sediments
Dickson A, Idiz E, van den Boorn S, Sweere T, Ruhl M, Porcelli D, Henderson G, Jenkyns H & Hesselbo S

(2017) Ba Isotopes in Cold Water Corals
Hemsing F, Bridgestock L, Hsieh Y-T, Spooner PT, Robinson LF, Frank N & Henderson GM

(2017) Sediment Cadmium Isotopes as a Proxy for Nutrient Dynamics during Oceanic Anoxic Event 2 (Late Cretacous)
Sweere T, Dickson A, Jenkyns H, Ruhl M, van den Boorn S, Porcelli D, Henderson G & Idiz E

(2017) The Role of Scavenging on the Oceanic Distribution of 231Pa, 230Th and 10Be
Plancherel Y, Basak C, Khatiwala S, Carney L, Anderson R & Henderson G

(2017) Variations in Indo-China Hydroclimate over the Last Two Millennia
Wang J, Johnson K, Griffiths M & Henderson G

(2017) Barium Isotope Fractionation in Hydrothermal Vent Fluids: Constraints on Ba Inputs to the Ocean
Hsieh Y-T, Bridgestock L, Seyfried Jr. WE & Henderson GM

(2016) Reconstructing Rainfall from Growth, Trace-Elements, and Novel Isotopes in Speleothems
Henderson G, Barrott J, Day C, Owen R, Vaks A & Mason A

(2016) Coupled Modelling of Speleothem Major Isotope Systems
Owen RA, Day CC & Henderson GM

(2016) A Multi-Proxy Speleothem Record of Southeast Asian Monsoon Variability Since 46 kyr BP
Johnson K, Griffiths M, Yang H & Henderson G

(2016) New Insights into Ocean Circulation and Particle Interaction from a Global Dissolved Rare Earth Element Dataset
Plancherel Y, Zheng X, Scott P, Osborne A, Hathorne E, Frank M & Henderson GM

(2016) Isotopic Constraints on the Biogeochemical Cycle of Ba in the South Atlantic
Bridgestock L, Hsieh Y-T, Henderson G, Porcelli D, Homoky W & Bryan A

(2016) Cd Isotope Signatures of Seawater, Suspended Particulate Matter, and Surface Sediments from the UK GEOTRACES 40°S Transect
Bryan A, Dowdall F, Henderson G, Porcelli D, Dickson A & Van Den Boorn S

(2016) δ238U Reconstructions of Global Ocean Oxygenation during OAE 2
Murphy M, Hsieh Y-T, Dickson A, Sweere T, Van Den Boorn S, Porcelli D, Jenkyns H, Henderson G & Stirling C

(2016) Zn Isotopes from Carbonates as a Tracer for Nutrient Dynamics during OAE-2
Sweere TC, Dickson AJ, Jenkyns HC, Henderson GM, Porcelli D & van den Boorn S

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